10 Iconic Sitcom Couples Who Would Still Be Together Today (2023)

Sitcoms cover everything from workplace shenanigans to dreamy romances, but not every sitcom couple is created equal. Fans love to see their favorite romances bloom but it's obvious that only a few sitcom couples would stand the test of time. Thankfully, iconic couples on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Schitt's Creek definitely lasted beyond their series' last season finale.

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These healthy sitcom couples supported each other's dreams from the start. Even when they had misunderstandings, they took time to solve their issues, and these qualities assured fans that these couples would still be together today.



10 Holly And Michael (The Office)

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The Office was a hotbed of cringy sitcom tropes, but Holly saw through Michael Scott's awkwardness and managed to find his heart. Few women could appreciate the positive qualities he hid under his neediness and lack of tact but Holly saw him as his best self. Every bit as goofy as Michael, Holly was kind and patient and their quirky personalities were an instant match.

Even after a long period of separation, Holly and Michael managed to find their way back to each other. Both of them dreamed of having families, and even though fans didn't see get to see Holly and the kids, it is almost obvious that this couple lasted well past the closing credits.

9 Monica And Chandler (Friends)

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Despite a few problematic missteps, Friends managed to portray at least one heartwarming relationship that rang true with viewers. Monica and Chandler were friends whose bond progressed beautifully into romance. Their romance had everything from passion to a slow burn and believable stability.

Unlike Ross and Rachel, Monica and Chandler always put each other first. They dealt with realistic problems with grace, and even when they weren't able to conceive children, they navigated those waters together. Adversity is where people test their love and Monica and Chandler survived some very real challenges.

8 Cece And Schmidt (New Girl)

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Cece and Shmidlt's will-they-won't-they romance kept viewers on tenterhooks for a while. Fortunately, the couple was so solid when they were together, it became obvious that they were meant to be. Cece almost married another man, but fans breathed a sigh of relief when Schmidt managed to win her back even after he cheated on her with Elizabeth.

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Cece and Schmidt were a strong team when they were together, and always wanted to be the best versions of themselves for each other. They fought through highs and lows to get married and their love for each other remained unchanged throughout New Girl.

7 Phil And Claire (Modern Family)

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Unlike other sitcom couples, Phil and Claire were already married when Modern Family premiered, but they were never portrayed as jaded or tired of each other. After three children and decades of togetherness, their love and respect for each other never died.

Phil and Claire were funny and sweet and managed to find solutions to their problems without being toxic. Phil was goofy and hilarious, and the perfect foil to Claire's serious persona. They balanced each other, and there's no way their marriage failed just because the cameras switched off.

6 Gus And Mickey (Love)

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Netflix's Love was a showcase for terrible behavior and awful exes. Gus and Mickey hadn't been the best to each other either, but they were willing to put in the effort to make their relationship work.

Gus and Mickey's relationship took many hits and had to survive Mickey's infidelity. They weren't perfect but, in the last few moments of Love's series finale, the couple still had enough faith in each other to get married despite their differences. They had a modern love story, and Mickey and Gus had modern solutions for their problems. They kept growing with each other, which is what a relationship needs to survive.

5 Lily and Marshall (How I Met Your Mother)

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This stable couple on How I Met Your Mother outshined every Ted Mosby romance easily. Lily and Marshall had met in college and stayed together ever since, which proved how important they were to each other. Even at their young age, they never hesitated to take big steps to be together, which was why their marriage worked.

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Marshall adored Lily, and she encouraged him to pursue his dreams, even if it meant that they faced some setbacks as a couple. They brought out the best in each other, which made their relationship a huge success.

4 Jake And Amy (Brooklyn Nine-Nine)

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The best part of Brooklyn Nine-Nine was watching Jake and Amy go from enemies to friends, and then to lovers. They were polar opposites at the start, as Amy was a Type A overachiever while Jake was smart but childish and preferred to go with the flow.

Amy and Jake filled the gaps that were missing in each other's lives and were truly committed to making their relationship work. The way they overcame hurdles was very realistic, and fans cheered when they got married and had a baby together. Jake and Amy Always made sacrifices for each other's well-being, turning their love into one for the ages.

3 David & Patrick (Schitt's Creek)

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A chance meeting between David and Patrick in Schitt's Creek led to one of the purest, most wholesome relationships on television. David was always prickly, so it's no surprise that their first meeting didn't go well but they grew closer after David opened Rose Apothecary and accepted Patrick as his business partner.

Patrick and David's relationship was full of heartwarming moments, and fans were shipping them voraciously from the start. Their affection and support for each other was obvious, and it culminated in a picturesque wedding. Fans are sure that they're still living happily in their special little cottage in Schitt's Creek.

2 Jim And Pam (The Office)

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Jim and Pam were the most beloved couple in The Office. They got to know each other as friends, but Jim fell for her almost immediately. In some ways it was unsettling but Jim kept his hopes up even after he found out Pam was engaged to Roy.

Jim showed Pam how good they could be together, but she was set on her plan to marry Roy. Unable to bear it, Jim left Scranton and transferred, but their story was far from over. After a long slow burn, Jim and Pam finally started dating and then married in the most adorable fashion. They faced some complex issues in the last season but were able to overcome those, too.

1 Eleanor And Chidi (The Good Place)

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When someone as indecisive as Chidi and as flighty as Eleanor voluntarily spend the afterlife together, it's obvious that they're the real deal. Ironically, they had been paired as soulmates in the Bad Place, but that was where they got to know each other so well. Eleanor and Chidi helped each other be better people.

Eleanor and Chidi went to Hell and back together, literally, and still chose each other, every time. There was a fair amount of waiting for fans, but their final scene together was filled with calm acceptance and love. In the real world, they would have surely stayed together till the end of their days and they way they finished their afterlives showed they were perfect for each other, well past any other possible end.

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