20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (2023)

Hu Tao is becoming the favorite cosplay of many. Hence, we have a list of the best Hu Tao cosplays. Cosplaying is the art of dressing the same as the selected character and not only dressing but getting into the character. Cosplays are fun, and there are many artists around the world who are cosplayers. Some cosplayers do cosplays for fun, and some do it as their profession. In this article, we are going to show you the best Hu Tao cosplays around the world. If you are a gamer and a player of Genshin impact, you must have heard or seen the character Hu Tao. So, we are going to see Hu Tao spreading the smiles in real life. At first, let’s have a look at the character. Hu Tao is a part of the game Genshin Impact. This character is the most interesting one, but her best friend might consider her the most irritating one.

Hu Tao never misses a single chance to scare off her best friend as she loves to play pranks. Hu Tao is a pyro character and the director of the well-known wangsheng funeral parlor in her original world. She has amazing skills that help her to get into the state, Paramita Papillo, and in this state, her attacks get more powerful. For example, if she with good health is attacking someone, then the opponent gets more damage because her attacks’ damage gets increased based on her max health.

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20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays

Hu Tao is one of the most powerful characters of the game. She is the only one with single-shot attacks, and thousands of girls certainly love to play her character. Her powers include Melee, Elemental Skills, Element Burst, and more. Now, Who won’t love to cosplay Hu Tao? Well, that’s the reason that many are cosplaying Hu Tao, and we have 20 best Hu Tao cosplays in this article without ranking as everyone has done great in their cosplays.

Generally, cosplays are done either because of participating in japan fares or for social media. Hu Tao is one of the favorite cosplays of the girls out there. Furthermore, Hu Tao has a very traditional look, and for Hu Tao cosplayers, there are dresses and accessories available on amazon worth more than $120. A cosplayer needs a dress similar to hu Tao, a Hu Tao hat, rings, bracelet, socks, etc. So, let’s check out what are the best Hu Tao cosplays and worth putting on the list.

Here is the list of 20 artists who did the best Hu tao cosplays and their IDs.

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1. Linnichi

Let’s meet school-going little Hu Tao. So, the cosplayer is Lin, and she is a proud content creator with a huge fan base. She is a freelance model, and her elegance is praised by many. Not only on Instagram, but she is also quite famous on Tik Tok with more than 200k followers.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (1)

Just like this, she is now a public figure. Therefore, it becomes compulsory for her to show faultless performance and her Hu Tao cosplay let her show off her talent.

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2. una.westergaard

Next on the list is the princess of Lunar Maria. The fantasy lover Una is a cosplayer, and she cosplays numerous characters that have attractive personalities. The lady of Sealand has some names on her favorites list, and those are Disney, Cinderella, Frozen, and of course, Genshin.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (2)

Therefore, the little gamer girl did a Hu Tao Cosplay from Genshin Impact. In the picture, she has a toy ghost, and she got the same dress and shoes as Hu Tao. Further, we can see in the pictures that she has such a cute expression that is a must for the cosplay of Hu Tao.

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3. Mari

Mari is a cosplayer who is just 15 years old, but she does cosplays as her hobby. She is from Moscow, and she has already done many cosplays of other anime characters, and this time she is in the character of Hu Tao. If you can observe the pictures, then it is pretty much clear that she is into the character.

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20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (3)

She is posing just like Hu Tao, and the way she is dressed is wonderful. Only the flicks are not properly cut and don’t match with Hu Tao’s hair otherwise, she has done it really well. Hence, she is on the list of best Hu Tao Cosplays.

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4. Labinnak

Labinnak has done many cosplays as she is a cosplayer. Also, she dived into the trend of Hu Tao cosplay, and she got the dress, ghost toy, and her cuteness to rule Instagram. Her photographer got her the best angles and edited her picture really well.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (4)

In one picture, she looks really pretty as Hu Tao, and in the other picture, she has her edited photo and the ghost toy with her. This creepy and playful look portrays Hu Tao so well.

5. julisscarlet

Meet Julis Scarlet, a cosplayer who believes in perfection. She is a multitasker as she is a cosmaker, cosplayer, and photographer. Also, she is the owner and CEO of her small business. Further, her content never includes 18+ things, and every cosplay appears as an art that has her efforts.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (5)

In Hu Tao’s cosplay, she collected all the accessories and did beautiful beauty shots that faultlessly portrays Hu Tao. Her pictures are edited so well that it appears as if she is Hu Tao and she is using her powers. The young lady seems so engaged in her character that the post can make anyone follow her for further posts.

6. ariellashania6

Another incredible cosplayer is Ariella Shania from Japan. She is a teen who does cosplays, and her transformation looks so real in her edited picture. Her editor added a real ghost filter on one of her pictures that let Ariella’s look appear so real.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (6)

Also, the editor added butterflies in the other image so that the girl seems to be shooting butterflies all around the room. The girl chose all the matching accessories of Hu Tao, and she looks as if she is Hu Tao herself.

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7. yuyupelo_

Next on the list of best Hu Tao cosplays is ゆゆ or if we write in English, then her name is Yuyu. She is a cosplayer who is a teen doing cosplays the whole day. The little girl just started with the art of cosplaying, and she does have a team for it. There are photographers and editors who work on her cosplay images to make them appear extremely professional.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (7)

Also, let’s not forget the efforts of the cosplayer, Yuyu. She also comes off amazingly with the background and her looks. She appears with her favorite ghost in the first image and the second image, she gives a playful look because of which the audience jumps on the like button for the post.

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8. Oblivibun

Oblivibun is a cosplayer, and the real name behind the amazing content of the ID is Bunni. The girl is 21 years old who is a cosplayer and an actress too. As her bio says that she is an actress, so it seems that she uses her acting skills while cosplaying a character.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (8)

Except for her shoes, she matched every accessory that Hu Tao uses to look damn cute. Also, Bunni has worn the matching dress, and she got the same hat that appears on the head of Hu Tao. She poses the same as the character when Hu Tao is in a mood of troubling others. That’s great!!

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9. leilucosplay

Another cosplayer on the list of best Hu Tao cosplays is LeiLu. She is a cosplayer from la Plata, Buenos Aires, and she has a good number of fan following who love to see her in different anime characters. Also, she is an artist and cosmaker, along with a cosplaying hobby.

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20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (9)

Her perfection can be seen in the pictures of how amazingly she cosplayed Hu Tao. She has a material that Hu Tao uses. Also, she has some skeleton faces, and that’s what Hu Tao is interested in. Further, the background also appears fit for the cosplay, and the girl just nailed it.

10. daifuku.wu

Now, let’s introduce Daifuku to you. She is another cosplayer on the list of best Hu Tao cosplays. However, she is a bit stressed about her life but is her fans stressed too? Well, no. Her cosplays can cheer up anyone, and that is the reason her fan following is growing with her every cosplay post.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (10)

Still, she is just a part-time cosplayer, but her cosplays appear perfect. Her amazing skill of choosing the correct match appears well in the pictures. She has the exactly matched materials, and the expression might be of the sad Hu Tao or Hu Tao might be waiting for her best friend, Zhongli.

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11. mii.zz0

Mia is an 18-year-old cosplayer who does cosplays for fun and as a hobby. Also, she started the hobby with a good start as her cosplay posts gained lots of positive responses from the audience. The reason could be the way she does the cosplay and the efforts she puts into it.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (11)

In the Hu Tao cosplay, she not only gets herself the exact matching clothes, but she also copies the expressions of the character. She appears so into the character. If we look at the first image, she tries to be a little creative and gives a very girly look, whereas, in the second image, she tries to give a creepy look to the audience. That’s how the character Hu Tao is! So, yes, Mia is doing one of the best Hu Tao Cosplays.

12. anongnoon

Another beautiful cosplayer is Anong, whose ID is Anongnoon on Instagram. She has a good number of followers on it because of the efforts that she puts into her ID. She is an adorable Fashion Model and a cosplayer from Thailand. Yes, she doesn’t live in Japan, and she is far from the state. Still, she is a fan of anime and the characters.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (12)

She loves to dress like an anime character, and this time, the fashionista has chosen Hu Tao so that her cosplay can be one of the best Hu Tao Cosplays. Further, it seems that she successfully got into the character of Hu Tao. In the first picture, she is holding her material, and in the second picture, she is reacting just like Hu Tao which shows, Anong is already lost in her cosplay.

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13. cottonee.e

Cotton, who resides in Japan and has her Instagram ID as cottonee.e is a beautiful cosplayer who can steal anyone’s heart with her Hu Tao cosplay. She bought a dress that exactly matches the dress of Hu Tao, and she added the hat that has a cute tassel and a flower on it. Further, the whole get-up has a finishing touch of the 16-year-old cosplayer’s expressions.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (13)

Moreover, cotton is a very big fan of anime and the kinds of stuff related to it, as she has mentioned them a lot in the captions of her posts. Also, she cosplays various characters, but it seems that this pretty girl is unable to hire a photographer, but maybe one day she will be having one.

14. exusvn

Exu is a Korean cosplayer who did the Hu Tao Cosplay and had all the eyes on her. She succeeds in getting attention with the help of the innocent expression that she gives in the images. However, she must reveal her full get-up, but her makeup, dress, hat, and expression did work for her to some extent.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (14)

The 16-year-old girl is looking so pretty in the get-up that if there comes a project where the makers want to have a Hu Tao on screens, then Exu will be the one as she did it so well.

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15. cciottea.cos

Next on the list of best Hu Tao cosplays is another Moscow girl who is getting into the hearts of her followers because of her adorable cosplays. She kept the task simple and didn’t include much into the frame other than the ghost.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (15)

The Moscow cosplayer went into a forest and posed exactly like Hu Tao. Further, her editors added a cute little ghost beside her face, and her expression appears so real that no one can say that she is just acting like the Genshin Impact character, Hu Tao. All her efforts make her cosplay one of the best Hu TAo Cosplays from Genshin Impact.

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16. mochichuu

Caterina Rocchi is a cosplayer from Italy and a girl highly interested in games. Well, it is obvious to have a cosplay post from a cosplayer who plays games. Caterina is a video game enthusiast, and she is a very big fan of Genshin Impact. Hence, here is a cosplay from the gamer.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (16)

She chose Hu Tao for the cosplay and did it so well that she deserves to be on the list of Best Hu Tao Cosplays. Also, if we look at her preferences, then she got a toy ghost that looks similar to the real ghost of Hu Tao. Her background, dresses, and poses fit well for the cosplay.

17. sinisun_cos

Sinja Lüschu has a very sophisticated ID, and the way she cosplays any character is delightful. Hence, she is on the list of the best Hu Tao cosplays. So, Yes, she did a beautiful Hu Tao cosplay and again won the hearts of her followers.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (17)

However, the 19-year-old German girl didn’t use any fancy background or a lot of accessories, but that didn’t mean that she did a good job here. If she added those things, I must say, she would have left each one behind.

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18. phlavee_cos

Another on the list is Phlavee, who is just 19, and her hobby is cosplaying different characters. She has a group of friends, and they all have the same hobby. Also, they support each other a lot in terms of cosplaying and growing followers but are all the cosplayers best?

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (18)

Well, Phlavee has left all of them behind when it comes to choosing and posing for the task. Her photographer has the best angle, and the girl has the best pose. Hence, they got a perfect shot.

19. nyuwu__

Nyu is another cosplayer who chose Hu Tao to show her talent for cosplaying. She has chosen the perfect background with the perfect match of clothes. Only the color of the shoes doesn’t match with the original character, Hu Tao’s shoes; otherwise, she appears similar to Hu Tao.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (19)

Further, her picture is so well edited that it appears as if Nyu is shooting butterflies and her hairs are floating in the air. The creativity level is just at the next level, and it must be unfair if we don’t call her cosplay among the best Hu Tao cosplays as she and her photographer did the cosplay with the next level of creativity.

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20. Nicosteaparty

Nicosteaparty is the ID of a cute little girl, Nico. She is an aspiring cosplayer, and her transformation from a cute school girl to the amazing Hu Tao can take away anyone’s heart. Nico is an anime merch collector as she loves anime, and this 12-year-old girl resides in Japan. To get among the best Hu Tao cosplays, she paired her dress with the Hu Tao Hat and the beautiful wig that exactly gave her the look of Hu Tao. Also, she didn’t forget the matching bracelet that Hu Tao wears, and she mentioned in the post that she got this look for the japan fare.

20 Best Hu Tao Cosplays From Genshin Impact - OtakuKart (20)

Nico looks amazing and extremely adorable in this get-up, and her innocence appears clearly in her pose for the photos. Also, she has some fans on Instagram, so her talent and fan following show that she is going to have a fanbase in the coming years as she is pursuing her interest in cosplaying with such perfection.

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