5 best Ayaka team variants in Genshin Impact (2023)

Typically, Ayaka's best team variants in Genshin Impact take advantage of her Cryo capabilities, as these teams range from Permafrost to Mono Cryo. She's not the most splashable unit to use in this game, but Ayaka mains will find that she excels in teams that need her specialties.

She's consistently one of the most-used 5-star characters in the Spiral Abyss, and for good reason. Her DPS capabilities are excellent, and the Frozen Elemental Reaction is a powerful CC tool that she easily triggers. Naturally, the best team compositions will take advantage of those two traits.

Five Ayaka team variants to consider in Genshin Impact

5) Mono Cryo (Shenhe + Diona + Rosaria)

5 best Ayaka team variants in Genshin Impact (1)

Mono Elemental teams might seem gimmicky in Genshin Impact, but Mono Cryo has been proven to clear hard Spiral Abyss floors in the past. This team especially appreciates Shenhe's debuffs. Here is what each team member does:

  • Ayaka: Main DPS
  • Shenhe: Can debuff enemies' Cryo RES
  • Diona: Provides sustain and is an excellent battery
  • Rosaria: Can also act as a battery and buff her team's CRIT Rate

Naturally, the Condensed Ice Elemental Resonance is activated. It makes landing Critical Hits easier than usual, especially with Rosaria's 4th Ascension Passive being active.

4) Mono Cryo (Shenhe + Diona + Kazuha)

5 best Ayaka team variants in Genshin Impact (2)

This team is nigh identical to the previous team variant, except Kazuha replaces Rosaria. There is a little less CRIT Rate as a result, but Kazuha's overall utility is more useful in some situations.

  • Ayaka: Main DPS
  • Shenhe: Can debuff enemies' Cryo RES
  • Diona: Provides sustain and is an excellent battery
  • Kazuha: Boosts the team's Cryo DMG%, has impressive damage, and has some CC that isn't Frozen

This Genshin Impact team variant works similarly to the previous team but with more efficiency.

3) Permafrost (Ayato + Ganyu + Kokomi)

This is a great team that combines both Kamisato siblings' great skillset in a flavorful way. Essentially, each teammate does the following:

  • Ayaka: Main DPS that provides Cryo
  • Ganyu: Sub DPS that provides Cryo and has a wide AOE Elemental Burst
  • Ayato: Sub DPS that provides Hydro and has a wide AOE Elemental Burst that freezes enemies easily in conjunction with Ganyu's
  • Kokomi: Healer that can also apply Hydro

Both Soothing Waters and Condensed Ice will be active Elemental Resonances. The extra healing from the former is good for extra sustain. By comparison, the latter effect, present in most of her best teams, helps bolster the team's CRIT Rate against Frozen enemies, along with those affected by Cryo.

Xingqiu is a suitable replacement for Ayato if the player lacks him.

2) Permafrost (Mona + Diona + Venti/Kazuha)

5 best Ayaka team variants in Genshin Impact (4)

This Genshin Impact team variant is similar to the previous team comp in that the player can easily keep an enemy Frozen for a long time. This time, each teammate provides the following in this team variant:

  • Ayaka: Main DPS that provides Cryo
  • Mona: Her Elemental Burst can increase Ayaka's DMG, and she also offers easy Hydro application
  • Diona: Provides Sustain for the team and is an excellent battery for Ayaka
  • Venti/Kazuha: 5-star units that can provide some level of CC, as well as some impressive Swirl DMG

The Condensed Ice Elemental Resonance will be active here. Aside from that, this team is another great alternative to the previous one, especially since Mona is an easy 5-star to get and Diona is a 4-star character.

1) Permafrost (Shenhe + Mona + Kazuha)

5 best Ayaka team variants in Genshin Impact (5)

Shenhe, Mona, and Kazuha have already been used in various team compositions, so this team variant combines their impressive qualities. Here is what each teammate provides in Genshin Impact:

  • Ayaka: Main DPS
  • Shenhe: Can debuff enemies' Cryo RES
  • Mona: Her Elemental Burst can increase Ayaka's DMG, and she also provides easy Hydro application
  • Kazuha: Boosts the team's Cryo DMG%, has impressive damage, and has some CC that isn't Frozen

It's an all-5-star team, so it might not be feasible for F2P players to achieve. Those who are fortunate enough to have all four units will find that this team variant is especially viable against a mob of enemies in Genshin Impact.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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