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Attack On Titan first premiered in 2003 and quickly gained a lot of attention from anime lovers. It was often mentioned among the best anime ever created. The story revolves around the world being ruled by giants. After humans were eaten by giants, those remaining beyond the wall erected a massive barrier to protect themselves from further invasion. The giant’s presence, however, caused the notional calm to disintegrate, and a terrible struggle ensued.

In Attack on Titan, mankind hides behind massive walls in enclosed cities because they are threatened by Titans, giant humanoid monsters who consume humans for no apparent reason. The lives of protagonists Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackermann, and Armin Arlelt are irrevocably altered when a Colossal Titan destroys their hometown, killing Eren’s mother in the process. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin join the Scout Regiment, an elite squad of warriors that combat Titans beyond the Walls, sworn to avenge their loved ones and restore the planet from the Titans.

Mankind constructed a fortified city with three massive walls as a defense against the giants. Eren Yeager and his parents and long-time friend Mikasa Ackerman make their home near the outermost wall, known as Wall Maria. Eren’s boyhood buddy Armin Alert told him stories of life outside the walls, and ever since, he’s wanted to join the Survey Corps and see the world for himself.

On Eren’s tenth birthday in 845, however, Wall Maria was demolished by an unexpected appearance of a gigantic. His need for vengeance propels him to “get rid of all these giants.” After that, he joins up with Mikasa and Armin, both of whom had suffered the loss of loved ones at the hands of the Titans, in the Training Corps. This is the overall plot, and the story continues from here. So, in this article, I will discuss some of the best characters of Attack On Titans.

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1. Levi Ackerman

In Attack on Titan, Levi stands out as a completely original protagonist. Levi’s character premise is diametrically opposed to the show’s: he doesn’t care about the Titans. Levi’s life has never been in imminent danger at the hands of a titan in Attack on Titan. When any other character, regardless of who they were, was near a titan at the beginning, the viewer knew they were in grave danger. Whether it was the Female Titan or the Beast Titan, as soon as you believed he was losing control, he had them both groveling at his feet.

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Levi’s defining trait is that, unlike everyone else, he is unaffected by the lethal presence of Titans. Now, however, there’s a catch when it comes to making a character like this. There can be no tale without struggle, so without difficulty in a character, there can be no point in having the character overcome the impediment. Then the story must ask what Levi must overcome if not the Titans themselves. Just what is it about him that makes him the most intriguing and well-written protagonist in Attack on Titan? Levi is utilized to go into the concept of bereavement.

While Levi is immune to the giant’s attacks, virtually everybody else around him is not, and Levi can only watch in horror as they all die. The fact that every one of his peers save Hange has perished explains why he and Hange have been inseparable, paired off frequently throughout the series, and finally find themselves together as the book finishes.

But now it’s too late; Levi can only watch helplessly as someone he cares about perishes. Think about how everyone on Levi Squad died; Mike, his mom, Kenny, Erwin, and every scout who came before the 104th Cadet Core in Shiganshina; Petra, who could have or could not have been engaged to Levi; and so on and so forth. Recent events have required him to plow through dozens of his own warriors who, according to Zeke’s spinal fluid plan, have become titans. Levi has struggled with adversity his whole life.

2. Eren Yeager

When Eren became the Attack Titan, he underwent a dramatic shift in appearance. His hair reached his shoulders, he gained an extra foot in height, and his ears and tongue lengthened. His eyes got sunken into their sockets, his nose became hooked, and the inside of his mouth took on an odd, jagged appearance that made it difficult for him to articulate comprehensible words. Despite such, he was still able to scream and roar to vent his frustration and weariness. His teeth were also visible since he had no lips and no cheeks.

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Attack on Titan focuses mostly on Paradis Island and the struggle of the Eldian people to maintain their way of life. The humans of the world outside of Paradise Island, including the Eldians who had been sold into slavery by Marley, were shown to be their actual adversary, not the Titans.

It seemed as if Eren Yeager’s goal was to wipe out all life away from Paradis Island when he unleashed the Founding Titan’s full might. This reasoning is both bleak and practical. The legacy of animosity against Paradis Island would end if all other civilizations were annihilated along with their populations.

My current theory is that Eren has a different objective. Eren rejects the Founding Titan’s offer to exert his authority over his fellow Eldians, despite the fact that he has the power to do so. Instead, he lets people decide for themselves whether to disobey him or avoid him. This is a strange turn of events. If Eren really meant to destroy the planet, he would eliminate all potential obstacles. Eren may be hoping that his friends will intervene to stop him if this is the case.

3. Mikasa Ackerman

The name “Mikasa” is derived from a Japanese Navy warship and means both “Three Bamboo Hats” and “Mikasa.” Hajime Isayama, the show’s creator, has said that he gave his female protagonist the name Mikasa because he thinks shows whose female protagonists are named after warships are more likely to be popular. Considering how popular this manga series has gotten throughout the globe, I guess he was correct.

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Attack on Titan is a really mysterious and deep series. Thus, the program is generally well-liked. There always appears to be something happening in the show that keeps people interested. Several series characters, for instance, have quite specific characteristics. One of these people is Mikasa Ackerman. Fans of the selfless protagonist may be surprised to learn some details about her personality. Many of these details have been obliquely alluded to in the anime, resulting in another reason why the show is so brilliant.

Mikasa is continuously looking for new methods to improve her abilities. In the early episodes, Annie uses fighting tactics that she and Eren had never seen before during combat training. Because of this, they want to grab her brain for this reason.

The fact that Mikasa is partly Asian on her mom’s side is seldom discussed in the anime. Her mom is a member of the Asian family Kenny’s grandpa mentioned in the last blog post. Since her mother was killed by these traffickers early in the series, she is the only surviving member of her family. As a result of her mother’s lineage, Mikasa is a descendant of not one but two formidable families.

4. Historia Reiss

Every character in the series had a terrible past, and Historia Reiss was no exception. She looks and sounds like an angel, so no one would ever guess that her royal-blooded father abandoned her and her mother ignored her. Historia was coerced into joining the military under the alias Krista Lenz and told to legally alter her identity to ensure her own death.

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In Ymir’s flashback from Season 2, Episode 10, she overhears two wealthy individuals discussing a royal family member who was given a new identity and sent out to the military under the alias Krista Lenz. When Ymir encountered Historia posing as Krista Lenz, he saw how similar they were.

During their time together in the 104th Training Corps, Ymir inspired Historia to pursue her own happiness and refuse to accept death. Ymir is determined to save Historia’s life at whatever cost. In her last poem to Historia, Ymir labels it a love epistle and claims her sole mistake was not marrying her, but many viewers dismiss her talk of marriage as harmless flirting.

Rod and his brother begged their father to free mankind from the Titans many times in a flashback seen in Season 3, Episode 7 of the show. Since the Titan’s original abilities had been lost to the royal family, Rod urged Historia to consume Eren in order to ensure that she would inherit them and allow him to complete his mission of restoring God to the earth. Historia put down the Titan syringe, rejecting Rod’s route to power. In contrast to Rod, Historia used her superior power to overthrow her father and pursue her own path in life.

Historia spent her childhood isolated from the rest of the royal Reiss family due to her mother’s negligence. Historia’s sole living relative, Frieda Reiss, and her family paid her regular visits. Frieda, although Historia’s half-sister, raised her as her own daughter.

To prevent Historia from discovering the truth about her Titan form, Frieda would wipe her memory after each visit. Historia developed into a good person outside of the Reiss family’s influence. However, Frieda received the title of Founding Titan from her maternal grandfather at the age of fifteen after being conditioned from an early age to do what the First King wished. She was never given the freedom to pursue her own goals, the way Historia was.

5. Reiner Braun

At first glance, Reiner is presented as a big, scary kid, a presence that can’t be ignored. At a time when the protagonists are still finding their footing, ready to take on the terrible Titans themselves, and even dead left and right, Reiner stands strong, one of their most apparently confident of the cadets. When situations go rough, the cadets know they can lean on him like a big brother. Reiner is a someone that people like Eren may come to for reinforcement when they’re feeling weak, whereas the two more mature individuals are either emotionally removed, like Annie, or too remote to be symbols of strength, like Ymir.

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At a time when we think the risk is as simple as the Titans, Reiner exemplifies the type of persistence one needs to live in a harsh environment like the one within the Walls. What makes Reiner’s treachery so startling is that he is revealed to be the Armoured Titan, the man responsible for the destruction of the Walls and the series’ inception.

Reiner symbolizes a pillar of certainty in a world that seems always on the verge of ending, yet he crumbles just as we begin to trust in him. The unexpectedness of the feeling makes the moment stand out. We were really blindsided by this discovery, which has been on everyone’s mind ever since the idea of Titan shifters was originally introduced.

Even Reiner’s long-time accomplice and fellow Colossal Titan Bertholdt is shocked by this revelation. We are left even more perplexed by Reiner’s statements as he attempts to explain himself to Eren while he is kidnapped and powerless. Even when Eren gets it out of there alive, we still don’t know what to believe since everything is happening so quickly and unclearly. Even when we believe we have our footing, the world may throw us a curveball, and Reiner is a metaphor for that.

6. Armin Arlert

Armin had lofty ambitions even as a little boy. He desired to see the ocean and see the world beyond the fortifications. When he finally gets the opportunity to see the ocean, he realizes his goal, but what he discovers beyond the waves is the terrible truth of humanity. Seeing the world for the first time should have been exciting, but instead, Armin discovered that everyone he loves about is considered a demon who must be exterminated. This is a bitter truth to accept.

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Armin’s life is spared and he is given unimaginable power as he undergoes the transformation into a Titan Shifter. Most people would consider these advantages, with the exception of the temporal restriction on his existence. The average lifespan of a titan shifter is about 13 years. At the conclusion of Season 4, at the age of 19, his prognosis is very poor. Armin, who still has plenty to contribute to society, found that being a Titan actually made his life more difficult.

Anyone who has seen any type of violence firsthand can speak to the lifelong effects it has. Armin has not only seen the horrors of combat firsthand, but he has also watched as his friends and allies were devoured. No one who sees anything like that can avoid being deeply affected by it. It’s astonishing that he hasn’t had a nervous breakdown despite being the lone survivor of his crew on their first mission. He was better equipped for life as a result of his Scouting experience, although sometimes it was hard to see how the hardships were worthwhile.

7. Jean Kirstein

Jean is one amongst the frankest individuals in Attack on Titan, saying things as he sees them while knowing full well that doing so is risky and might cause friction. Jean was a hothead throughout his period as a cadet, often angered to the point of violence. Jean has also been quoted as saying that he views the annihilation of the Titans with cynicism since he believes that mankind has no hope of survival against them. Jean has had emotions for Mikasa ever since their first meeting, and he has always admired her sleek black hair. Jean is easily embarrassed, even while just chatting casually with Mikasa was and he does so often.

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Jean once risked his life to protect Mikasa from the Titans, and he did it without hesitation. Jean, although his affection for Mikasa, is unmoved by her sacrifice for Eren since he believes that most people don’t share her desire to do so. Jean’s animosity for Eren stems from her attachment to Eren.

Jean is an expert user of vertical maneuvering equipment. Even on wide terrains, which most people would consider the most difficult terrain to utilize the gear, he can pull off insane stunts. Jean also demonstrated that he could kill Titans effectively without a full arsenal, thanks to his ability to dodge their attacks and cut them in the neck.

+Despite the passage of time, he retains his mastery of the movement gear, as seen by his ability to ambush Marleyan infantry from rooftops and even push enemy troops off of buildings with the use of his equipment. Jean has a natural talent for using maneuver equipment. Finally, Jean Kirstein has a lot of experience with guns. Accuracy is not an issue for him since he never wants to kill anybody with his bullets, merely to maim them.

8. Sasha Braus

Characters that are initially meant to provide comedic relief eventually find themselves confronting the Titans and the society they live in. One such character is Sasha Braus, who initially serves to provide the show with some much-needed humor. Sasha is from Dauper, a little town in the southern region of Wall Rose with a sparse population.

This causes her to speak with a somewhat thick regional accent, which she actively conceals from the public. Sasha’s fellow cadets continue to call her out on her tendency to talk in an unnecessarily formal manner because of this. Sasha’s adjustment to the harsh realities of military life proceeds gradually. She says that killing other people isn’t as difficult for her as it is in the start. But it is understandable that she cannot bring herself to kill innocent people, particularly children.

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At first, Sasha’s aversion to eating seemed to have been included just to bolster her status as a comic relief figure. But considering that she comes from the kind of tiny community where food is limited, and hunting is a necessity, things seem clearer. It’s frustrating that the sequences in which she steals, and hordes food are treated mostly as comic relief, but that’s the nature of the show.

She ought to be treated with greater dignity despite this, since it is something she cannot change because of her history. This is because she had a lonely upbringing, apart from almost other people. Not only does she not join the military because she wants to, but she also has a lot more mental adjusting to do than the average cadet.

Sasha’s way of life seems endangered, and this is a major motivating factor in her decision to leave her community and join the military. The increasing number of hunters from outside her little community has reduced the amount of available food and made hunting a less reliable means of subsistence. She becomes very angry at anybody she perceives to be interfering with her country, and she refuses to modify her mind for the betterment of humanity.

Even though it’s rational for her and their relatives to start farming when hunting becomes impractical, she resents them for not fighting to preserve her traditional way of life. Sasha’s adjustment to the harsh realities of military life proceeds gradually.

She says that killing other people isn’t as difficult for her as it is in the start. But it is understandable that she cannot bring herself to kill innocent people, particularly children. It’s understandable that she would feel this way, but it ultimately proves fatal when she is unable to accurately shoot at Gabi Braun and is killed by her.

9. Connie Springer

All the acclaim that Attack on Titan’s cast has received is fully earned. Connie Springer is an example of a person who seemed to be relatively minor in the Survey Corps at first appearance but ended up being a crucial cog in the machine. Since his mother was one of Zeke Yeager’s unlucky test subjects, he has a significant role in the storyline that introduces the Beast Titan.

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Connie represented the carefree innocence of a little kid on summer break in Isayama’s mind. Given that Connie had no prior exposure to the horrors of warfare against the Titans, this is acceptable. He didn’t find out about these horrors until he was a participant in the war, and they left a permanent impression on his mind.

Isayama used the everyday first name Connie on purpose to give his protagonist some relatability. On the other hand, his on-screen demeanor is reflected in a variety of other, less obvious meanings of this moniker. The Celtic given names that ultimately gave rise to the nickname “Connie” are Connor and Constantia. When translated literally, Connie’s surname, Springer, means “Knight” in German.

The naiveté with which Connie enrolled in the military was immediately apparent. He enlisted in the army with the simple objective of bringing fame and fortune to his hometown. However, after seeing the horrors of battle and the danger presented by the Titans, he realizes that there is more to the military than just personal glory.

A change of heart led him to join the Survey Corps and aid humanity in its fight against the Titans. Armin’s situation swiftly deteriorated when one of the unscrupulous captors mistakenly touched him improperly, thinking he was Historia. When he informs the others, Jean’s soft side is there to comfort him. The fact that Sasha and Connie can’t help but make fun of him is the worst aspect of his predicament.

10. Erwin Smith

Though Erwin Smith left Attack on Titan at the most recent season of the anime, he had a major impact on the events leading up to this point, and as one of the most powerful leaders of the Survey Corps, his legacy will likely live on. Erwin, the 13th colonel of the Scout Regiment, is revered for his efforts to protect the residents of Paradis Island outside the city gates.

It’s what drives him throughout the series, and he seems willing to give up his own life or the lives of his men if it means achieving his objective. Fans of Attack on Titan can testify to Erwin’s dedication to the cause, but there is plenty about the commander that we don’t learn through the show.

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The music of Attack on Titan is excellent, and many of the songs that are played frequently in the show are really odes to the main characters. Specifically, we know that Eren, Armin, Mikasa, Reiner, Bertolt, Jean, Levi, and Erwin all have anthems of their own. Daisuke Ono, who voices Erwin, sings a song called “Hope of Mankind” in his honor. Over the course of the anime, the commander comes to symbolize future hope for mankind. Hence, the song’s title is appropriate.

Erwin has consistently shown that he is prepared to sacrifice his warriors’ lives in order to rescue mankind from the Titans, earning him the reputation of being a brutal fighter. Erwin is prepared to risk his own life and the lives of his comrades in the face of inevitable death in order to ensure that his soldiers give their all for the cause.

The anime and manga imply that despite his cold exterior, Erwin feels regret for indirectly murdering his own troops and chooses to go ahead anyhow. When the notion crosses his mind that many lives have been sacrificed for his own objectives, he instantly redirects his attention. Nonetheless, he obviously has some regret.

11. Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager is a villain that originally debuted in the Attack on Titan world. He threw missiles at his opponents with the terrifying accuracy of a Beast Titan. As a result, he became Levi Ackerman’s archenemy. Zeke has some good qualities despite his numerous terrible crimes. These facts indicated that he may not have been as evil as portrayed in Attack on Titan.

Almost soon after the events of “Attack on Titan,” Zeke began acting inappropriately. It all started when he sold his parents out to the Marleyan state and broke their trust. The Eldian uprising was quashed as a result of Zeke’s activities. Even while he can’t be held fully accountable, this isn’t his finest hour. The narrative of Attack on Titan was ultimately carried out by the many thousands of pure Titans he produced.

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Zeke aged and hardened as the Attack on Titan series progressed. He was to blame for the slaughter of the Reconnaissance Corps scouts and the demise of Erwin Smith. In an effort to eliminate Captain Levi, he even transformed some of his own troops into Titans.

Zeke Yeager had some good qualities, while being involved in several of the bad things that happened in Attack on Titan. He joined the Marleyan warriors when he was young and learned to capture the Beast Titan. Zeke’s goal was to liberate the enslaved Eldian people, just as his father, Grisha Yeager, had hoped.

To achieve this objective, Eren Yeager dived on purpose during the raid on Marley by Eren and the rest of the members of the Survey Corps. Zeke purposefully fell so that Levi could beat him without harming the goal. Season four of Attack on Titan delves deep into Zeke’s intentions. Despite their lack of morality, Zeke attempts to rescue the Eldians without resorting to violence. That’s a wonderful goal in and of itself. Even during the Marleyan invasion, he aided Captain Levi and his men.

12. Hange Zoe

Hanji’s background prior to enlisting in the Survey Corps is shrouded in mystery. Hajime Isayama, the show’s creator, has chosen to keep that facet of their existence obscure. It seems that fans are familiar with the histories of all of the series’ major characters, including Levi. Considering how unassuming Levi is, it’s intriguing that the author chose to reveal parts of his past rather than Hanji’s.

Fans would have a better idea of where the crazy scientist came from if Hanji didn’t have such an odd character trait. It seems that Hanji may be either a female Hanji or a male Hange. According to the following item on our list, Isayama cares very much about how you spell Hanji’s name. Hanji is a female identifier in the anime, and many manga readers share this opinion.

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However, Hanji’s gender has never been officially acknowledged by the manga’s creator. He argues that sexual orientation has nothing to do with personality. Therefore, Kodansha, the production firm, has taken measures out of honor to Hanji to eliminate gender pronouns. Given that the author has allowed the reader to decide on Hanji’s gender, it really doesn’t matter how the character’s name is spelled.

Some really good actresses have played Zoe, and fans may not even realize it. One of the finest and most well-known voice performers in the history of anime, Romi Park, lends his talents to the role of Hanji. Temari from the Naruto series, Toshiro Hitsugaya from Bleach, and Ed Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood are just a few of her most well-known voice-acting performances.

Jessica Calvello, who has voiced characters in everything from anime to video games, lends her talents to the English adaptation of Attack on Titan, in which she plays the role of Hanji. Finally, Satomi Ishihara has portrayed the adored Hanji Zoe in the series’ live-action feature film. Levi doesn’t like many people (that he’s aware of) outside of Erwin and his pals from the subterranean district, and that was before Hanji showed up.

In fact, Levi and Hanji can be seen giggling uncontrollably in one of the anime episodes. It was strange since nobody had ever seen Levi laugh or even grin before. Even now, there’s a quality that supporters seldom see in him. And he’s always eager to hear what Hanji has to say, particularly with Titan exploration. Except for Erwin, Levi isn’t generally one to pay attention to what other people are saying. There’s something about Hanji that makes people feel that way.

13. Annie Leonhart

The Titans who fed on humanity were not as simple as they looked, and neither were the humans. Attack on Titan always kept viewers on the precipice of their seats with its intense action. While the focus was on Eren Jaeger and his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman, viewers were in for a few shocks from Annie Leonhart. Annie’s childhood was difficult since she was taken from her mother and placed in a concentration camp in Liberia. Mr. Leonhart adopted her and immediately began teaching her extensively. He meant well, but his treatment of Annie was excessive.

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If Annie could only toughen up, Mr. Leonhart thought, she’d join the Armed Forces Police Brigade and have a pleasant, easy life. She learned a lot from the experience, but it frightened her. She was so vicious that she even assaulted and severely injured her own father, an act of which he was quite proud.

Annie, at this time, a young girl, also enrolled the Marleyan military and became witness to the group’s brainwashing propaganda when she enlisted. Mikasa Ackerman was very careful to keep an eye on her mischievous adoptive brother, Eren. Mikasa, in contrast to Eren’s sibling, was able to effectively ward off her advances.

Many viewers were dissatisfied since they never got to witness whether Annie could hold a weapon alongside Mikasa in an actual fight during training. They both finished in the leading five, with many attributing Annie’s fifth-place finish to her slack preparation. When Annie was kidnapped and questioned by the military, she was overwhelmed with memories of her father.

The epiphany came when she realized her father had been waiting for her. There wasn’t any human being or technology at the time whatsoever that could have blasted through the solidification of Annie’s human body, which had occurred fully independently of her volition. Her passionate fanbase was left wondering whether she had been killed or may be saved.

14. Ymir

The power of the Titans was first harnessed by Ymir. Some two thousand years ago, the Eldians attacked and enslaved her people. After being released from captivity, the Eldians made Ymir their sport. When Ymir, wounded, tried to take cover in the trunk of a huge tree, she ended up falling into a sinkhole under the trunk. After falling into a pool of liquid, she became the first Titan when a mystery parasite with spines joined with her body. With her newfound authority, she continued to work for the Eldians.

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Ymir had several trials during her life in Eldia. Her town was attacked, and she was taken as a hostage by the Eldian empire. She spent her whole life serving King Fritz, helping him expand his dominion, birthing his children, and killing his enemies. Despite her terrible existence, she remained submissive to Fritz. She even gave her life to rescue him. Even in death, Ymir remained devoted to the royal family.

Ymir, as the first Founding Titan, was the only one who could fully command the Titans’ abilities. Ymir was an invincible force whenever she assumed her Titan form since she was in full command of its abilities. Even though she only employed a small portion of her full potential, Ymir’s talents were more than enough to destroy the Marleyan army.

King Fritz adopted Ymir as his concubine and fathered three children with her in appreciation for her devotion. When Ymir passed away, her daughters quickly swallowed her corpse to ensure that her abilities would be passed down through the centuries. Each succeeding generation of royals carried on the practice of eating their parents’ flesh to ensure that they would inherit the Titan’s might. Ymir, the Founding Titan, shared his power with his offspring, who became known as the Nine Titans. Because of this, the Titans that the main protagonists fight throughout the show came to be.

15. Grisha Yeager

One such figure who has returned to the spotlight is Grisha Yeager. Although Eren and Zeke’s dad isn’t exactly an example of good behavior, he is instrumental in shaping the trajectory of mankind beyond the Walls and giving everyone an opportunity to fight once again. Some interesting tidbits about this Attack on Titan character that you may not know. Most people are familiar with the legend of Dina Fritz, the first person whose body housed the Titan abilities before they were separated. According to the tale, however, only two Titan abilities could ever be carried at once.

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Grisha ended up breaking the trend by possessing abilities from both the Attack and Founding Titans. Obviously, Eren has gone above and beyond by ingesting the strength of another Titan, transforming him into a formidable foe. Grisha’s eye color is distinctive, and it draws attention to his face. Grisha’s eyes had a strikingly black hue before he gained the Attack Titan’s abilities.

After meeting Eren Kruger, though, his eye color gradually faded and became a lighter shade. Intriguingly, Eren’s eye color remained the same even after he gained the abilities of the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan. There’s been no explanation for why Grisha’s eyes changed color, and it’s likely that it’s an isolated incident. Armin’s eyes, for example, didn’t change hue when he turned into the Colossal Titan.

Grisha’s arrogance led to his getting caught by his own kid and seeing the transformation of the woman he married and friends into Titans. After starting again within prison walls, he vowed to treat his loved ones with greater kindness and understanding. Upon learning of Carla’s death, this may have been a factor in Grisha’s decision to give Eren control over his future.

The conventional wisdom is that Grisha passed on his Titan abilities to Eren since he knew he didn’t have much longer to live. On the other hand, there’s a story that Grisha gave Eren the world’s destiny because he was so distraught about the death of his wife. He felt he had suffered enough loss and hoped to find closure in death.

16. Kenny Ackerman

Both Mikasa and Levi Ackerman have shown incredible fortitude during Attack on Titan. Having shown superiority over all other humans in the battle against the Titans. Ackerman’s “awakening power” gives him superhuman strength that dwarfs that of normal humans. Kenny and his niece Levi were the first members of the Ackerman family to show off their special skills in Attack on Titan.

Since Levi’s mother died of an illness, Kenny was the sole adult figure in the boy’s life. Kenny has always been a major figure in the Attack on Titan canon. Because of the violence with which he murdered his victims, he became known as “Kenny the Ripper.”

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Levi, after extensive training, became not only the most dangerous Ackerman but also one of the most formidable warriors in Attack on Titan. Levi stated that his abilities were “awakened” after discovering his family history. His curiosity about this led him to inquire of his cousin Mikasa about the possible awakening of her own talents, which she confirmed.

In later episodes of Attack on Titan, Eren told Mikasa what she really knew about her family history. The Ackermans were bred to be a warrior caste for the monarchs of Eldonia. When a Titan host, represented by a human form, gives the Ackermans orders, the family’s power is unleashed.

Throughout the franchise’s history, the Ackermans have proven to be among the most influential families. Their terrible history fits with the show’s overarching theme. The Ackermans, despite their members’ varying degrees of power, are the most formidable human family in Attack on Titan. In Attack on Titan, Levi is the greatest and most formidable soldier, Mikasa is the most potent junior soldier, and Kenny is the most infamous serial killer. Fans may now feel more connected to Ackerman and his family thanks to this little look into his past.

17. Falco Grice

An Eldian with ties to Reiner Braun and the Warriors, Falco Grice goes by the name “Grice.” Brother of Colt Grice, he is the younger sibling. Falco Grice has a pivotal role in both the final season of the Attack on Titan anime series and the Japanese dark fantasy manga that came out in 2009. Falco, a young Eldian, lived with his family in Marley. He now has everything necessary to become the Armored Titan. Falco will inherit Armoured Titan in order to keep Gabi Braun safe. It cuts life expectancy in half, and he’s really crushing on her.

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In its new form, Falco resembled a tall and thin giant. It resembled Reiner’s Armoured Titan in having a long, slender neck and a prominent chin but no lower jaw. A rounded mouth was achieved by joining the upper jaw to the nasal base. Falco’s personality makes him a weak fighter, and his physique makes him a liability. His brother protects him from harm and explains that he is helpless in the face of hostile fire. Falco speaks his mind freely. Falco will risk his life by jumping out of cover to rescue Gabi if he ever finds himself in danger.

After consuming the spinal fluid of the previous Beast Titan, Zeke Yeager, the current Beast Titan, Falco, mutated into a hybrid of the Beast Titan and the Jaw Titan. Falco ate Porco Galliard, who owned Jaw Titan. Porco sacrificed himself to rescue Reiner Braun and bring Falco back to sanity. Muscular and shortening to barely five meters in height, Falco’s titan form matched that of previous Jaw Titans.

His outer jaw, set in Titan form, can easily cut through tough materials like Titan armored skin. His avian giant appearance is deceptive. His lower legs look like talons, while his upper teeth are shaped like a bird’s beak. When Falco takes command of his titan form again, he changes into an avian form. His huge wings and pronounced beak set him apart.

18. Pieck Finger

Pieck Finger is one of Attack on Titan’s most underrated supporting cast members. Despite this, she has a sizable group of people who gush about her beauty. And there are some facts about Pieck Keep our fingers from Shingeki no Kyojin (AoT) that you may not have known. The story’s most devoted readers may not remember when Pieck first appeared. Because contrary to popular belief, Pieck made her debut far sooner than that. Episode 16 of Season 3 and Chapter 75 of Volume 18 of the manga marked Pieck’s debut introduction as the Cart Titan.

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Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (18)

Pieck Finger, who wields the Cart Titan’s strength, is one of the nine Titan Shifters in the series. Pieck may remain in her Titan form for a considerable amount of time since the Cart Titan is a quadriceps Titan with tremendous endurance. Unlike other Titan Shifters, Pieck may repeatedly assume this form without needing a break in between transformations.

The Cart Titan can keep up with the pace of a Jaw Titan. Pieck, like certain other Titan users, is able to communicate effectively when in Titan form. As an operator of the Cart Titan ability, Pieck can maintain her Titan form for very lengthy periods of time. However, once Pieck has maintained her Titan form for a while, she forgets how to walk on two legs, given that the Cart Titan is a quadriceps Titan.

Pieck claimed that she had been in Cart Titan incarnation for months during the fight of Marley. Her muscles needed to be retrained in order for her to stand up straight again. Whenever Pieck is in human shape, she frequently is seen moving on all fours. Pieck is the only person in Attack on Titan who sees merit in both the Marleyans and the Eldians, despite being on opposite sides of the conflict.

Pieck has been a soldier in the Marleyan army because she was a kid, although she wishes the Eldians had more autonomy. She makes use of her wits to prove the fact that the Eldians are not third-rate people. Pieck is a pacifist who believes that war should never be won by force. This is why she is prepared to put her own needs second in order to prevent Eren Yeager.

19. Gabi Braun

Warrior Candidates Gabi Braun is a Marleyan soldier who has undergone extensive training in warfare to become a Titan Shifter. Training as a Warrior Candidate is the course of action that accelerated Reiner and his buddies’ development into Titan Shifters. Gabi may be little in appearance, but she’s surprisingly fit. She has an upturned nose, hazel eyes, and a bright grin that belie her little features.

She wears her black hair in a medium-long ponytail that is secured halfway over her head. You can certainly tell that Gabi is linked to Reiner Braun just by looking at her surname. Indeed, Gabi is Reiner’s cousin, and the two share the honor of serving as soldiers for the Marleyan Empire.

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Gabi has deep feelings for Reiner. As she saw Reiner get into a brawl at Fort Slava, she prayed that he would be okay. Even though Reiner is actively working to prevent Gabi from becoming the inheritor of his Armored Titan strength, Gabi attempts to convince him that she is the greatest choice. Many of Eren Yeager’s traits may be seen in Gabi.

They both despise the other side and want to wipe them out completely. However, their outlook changed somewhat when they experienced some time outside enemy lines. Like Eren, Gabi goes for the jugular while assaulting her foes, failing to consider the best course of action and endangering the lives of herself and her comrades in the process.

For whatever reason, Gabi has risen to the ranks of fandom’s most despised villains. The combination of her naiveté and the error that eventually angered the audience had made her one of the most hated characters in the show. So, there you have it: a few tidbits concerning Gabi Braun, something you were probably unaware of. Perhaps now you can understand, in light of the information presented above, that Gabi is similar to young Eren, who also acted impulsively and recklessly.

20. Colt Grice

At the conclusion of the Marley Mid-East War, Colt, and the Warrior Candidates is part of the Eldian army sent to assault Fort Slava. Falco Grice gets wounded by enemy fire during the battle, and Colt has to bring him back to Marley’s lines. Upon their return, Colt testifies to Captain Theo Magath as his fellow candidates care for Falco’s wounds.

Magath first seems concerned about Colt’s safety, but then insults him when he says they can’t dig any further because of enemy fire. Colt expresses worry regarding the German artillery and suggests having Porco Galliard and Pieck deal with the hostile shooters, but Magath is unconvinced. Despite Colt’s warnings, Falco leaves the trenches to go aid Gabi after she single-handedly destroys the fort’s anti-Titan cannon.

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Colt, the war’s victor and the next in line to inherit the Beast Titan, meets with Zeke Jaeger and the top brass of the Marley military thereafter. After the meeting, Colt and Zeke have a lengthy discussion on the might of Colt’s Beast Titan, during which Zeke expresses his awe at Colt’s capability to develop Titans. When Magath walks in, they immediately stop talking to one other.

Colt was a tall, muscular young guy with short blond hair and bright hazel eyes. A normal day for him would find him dressed like any other Warrior candidate: in a light jacket and jeans, with resource backpacks on the hip, suspender straps on them, a hard helmet with a band around it, and tall combat boots to match.

His helmet had the same star as the Marleyans’, but its black line had been replaced with a rainbow of colors, and his shirt collar bore a miniature emblem of the Eldian star as opposed to a little clip. Colt followed the tradition of branding an Eldian wristband on himself and his forefathers in Marley. Colt was a loyal and courageous soldier who risked his life to save his brother, Falco Grice, who had been injured in battle.

He took very good care of his brother by lending him his hard hat on the run and tending to his wounds when they reached their hiding place in a trench. Though his higher commanders looked down on him because he was Eldian, Colt was a loving and courageous soldier who collaborated with his Captain to organize their assaults. Colt always seemed to have an idea of what the enemy may do next and make plans to utilize their soldiers and the strength of the Titans to eliminate the danger with few casualties.

21. Bertholdt Hoover

Bertholdt Hoover is a fierce fighter for the Marleyan Empire. He is an Eldian. Whenever the warriors (Annie, Reiner, and Bertholdt) stormed the island of Paradis via the breached Wall Maria, he was there with the Colossal Titan. This was the show’s opening act and the major attraction. After finishing up in the 104th Training Corps, Bertholdt enlisted in the Paradis military.

After some time, he enrolled in Scouting. Bertholdt’s true nature as the Mighty Titan was exposed in the second season, and the mission to recover Eren ultimately failed. Bertholdt was devoured by Armin’s mindless titan at the Battle of Shiganshina, thereby handing over the Mighty Titan to Armin.

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That’s a shame about Bertholdt, but his demise was essential to the plot. Without it, a great deal of progress would be impossible. A fallen hero, that’s what he is. Commander Keith Shadis boasted at the outset of training that Bertholdt already had expert-level proficiency in every area covered. He also mentioned Bertholdt’s promising future.

The fact that the commander stated all of that reveals a great deal. If Bertholdt is as powerful as the title “Master” suggests, then he must be rather formidable. The military of Paradis had created vertical maneuvering equipment to employ against the Titans, and he, like Jean, was an expert user of this technology.

That’s a very impressive talent. His lack of self-assurance and difficulty to make judgments were the only things keeping him from becoming the most powerful figure in the series. When his closest buddy and fellow warrior Reiner gave orders, he always did what he was told. Unlike Porco Galliard, Bertholdt considered duty more important than anything else.

Thus, he never let his emotions get in the way of the goal, even in the heat of combat. Bertholdt’s third-place performance at the 104th Training Corps departure ceremony, behind only Mikasa Ackermann and Reiner Braun, is evidence of all the good attributes we’ve been talking about.

He won first place, beating off Annie and Eren. Bertholdt’s ability to outshine even a formidable protagonist is impressive. The training he underwent as a warrior in Marley undoubtedly contributed to this, but he will only continue to grow in power from here on out.

22. Carla Yeager

Carla’s warning to Eren about joining his Exploration Battalion was a touching display of her maternal love for her son and a testament to her care for his well-being when he was lured by the prospect of joining the organization. The family has come to see her as a protector. This is made clear by her warnings to Eren and Mikasa to leave her alone and not attempt to rescue her from the falling debris.

However, she yells about how she is not ready to let go of her children and sobs till she passes away every time they go to use the restroom. Carla is the doctor’s wife. They initially crossed paths when Carla was working as a waiter at a local restaurant.

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Worked as a waiter in a restaurant. Carla got very sick after the pandemic, but Grisha rapidly cured her, and the two fell in love. They eventually tied the knot and were given the gift of Eren in the years that followed. Carla Yeager is described as strongly discouraging Eren from enrolling in the Expeditionary Battalion when Mikasa brought up Eren’s intention to serve in the Human Army ten years later. Before departing, Eren’s father can stay indifferent or even supportive of his son’s wish. But Carla did her best to influence Eren’s thinking. Eren, however, being a strong personality, shouted at her and then chose to depart despite her objections.

Carla was killed during the assault of the Maria Wall when parasite debris rained down on her after the enormous Titan blasted a hole in the wall in the Shiganshina District. Carla’s legs were crushed in the wreckage of her home, and she died as a result. Eren and Mikasa made an unsuccessful effort to liberate her. She begged them to flee because of the Titans, who killed everyone in the neighborhood, including the 14-meter-tall “Smiling Titan” that was approaching their house.

23. Darius Zackly

In 850, he leads a coup that overthrows the Royal Government of the Walls and approves Erwin Smith’s plan to highlight one of its own soldiers, The historian Reiss, as Queen of the Walls on the premise that the queen is the sole surviving member of the overthrown royal family. The soldiers said they did not believe that the inhabitants of the Walls would support their tyranny, so they simply selected another king to prevent a huge civil war involving the common people and the aristocrats.

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The bulk of the populace now backs military power and has lost trust in the Zackly Presidency after learning about a more advanced civilization beyond the Walls. After Eren Yeager was arrested following the Raid on Liberio in Marley, the public’s patience ran out, and rioting broke out. This occurred despite the fact that the public had been kept in the dark about the government’s collaboration with Zeke Yeager and the detention of Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. After consenting to offer other Lieutenant Eren’s Titan powers, Zackly is eventually assassinated by rebels from his own forces.

Zackly’s participation in the rebellion against the monarch has severely weakened his status as the highest authority figure inside the Walls. He explained to Erwin that his hatred for the ruling elite was the only thing keeping him involved. He took pleasure in seeing their panic at their own loss of power. Erwin was taken aback by this statement, but his buddy was reassured that he could care less whether the revolution helped or hurts humanity.

The only thing that drives him is the embarrassment he can put onto the monarchy; he once tormented a minister by making him drink his own urine, and then he called the device a “beautiful work of art.” At the end of the day, he stated that he puts his own safety ahead of others’. Zackly thinks his torture device is the height of human ingenuity, and he takes great pleasure in tormenting and humiliating the captive aristocrats with it.

24. Marleyan Officer

Despite the absence of the hostile Titans from Paradis Island, Eldian society is not yet fully unified. The Eldian population of Paradis Island is separated from the rest of the Eldian population, and many Eldians are interned in a separate area of the Marley Empire. In particular, there’s discord among the Eldians of Paradis Island about whether they should accept general Dot Pyxis’ orders or Eren Yeager’s recommendation that they immediately attack Marley.

The Marley Empire may take measures to drive a greater wedge between the Eldians. The Marley Empire and Paradise Island aren’t the only countries out there. The mainland, where Marley is located, is shared by several different countries, not all of which get along with one another.

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More specifically, most of these countries see the Marley Empire negatively. Battle after battle has been won by Marley despite the best efforts of whole coalitions established to oppose him. In the event of a conflict, it is possible that all of these countries will be friendly to the Eldian cause and will do all they can to help. Marley has perhaps the greatest navy in this scenario and might use it to blockade its opponents to avoid them from providing the Eldians. It’s been estimated that the Marley Empire’s guns are powerful enough to destroy an Eldian cruiser on sight.

Eren Yeager, the show’s protagonist from the beginning, has evolved into the scary antihero. Although he has been at odds with Captain Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman, none can dispute his immense strength or the benefits it may provide for Eldia. Eren has possessed the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan’s abilities for a long time. Eren is now the world’s most powerful military force since he just acquired the War Hammer Titan from Lara Tybur.

Who can possibly stop him? Perhaps not. There are still many of mainland Eldians, and at best, the Marley Empire treats them as second-class citizens. They are all required to identify themselves with special armbands, remain inside the confines of their designated internment area, and have very limited access to legal and personal resources. However, they still risk losing their lives if they don’t act.

25. Marco Bott

Marco was an idealist who put the group’s welfare ahead of his own and who accepted and worked around his own flaws. His peers held him in high esteem and saw him as a potential leader within the group, making him an excellent candidate for the Military Police Brigade. His desire to join the Army’s Military Police Brigade was motivated by true loyalty to the monarch, as opposed to the safety and benefits sought by others.

He proved to be a man of impeccable judgment when he saw Jean’s possibilities as a leader and bolstered his confidence. He also showed an ability to keep the other trainees in line, whether by mediating disagreements or keeping everyone composed during combat.

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He managed to keep his cool even though he was very scared. Marco was the one to speak sense into a situation, and he even tried to do so in his last moments. During the introduction of new recruits, Marco is initially presented and is frightened by the instructor when he exhibits interest in joining the Military Police. After the initiation, Marco and the other trainers watch Sasha Blouse complete her penance of running laps around the camp for consuming during the ceremony. While out to dinner, Marco comments on how unaffected Eren Yeager was by Shadis’ abuse, and Eren discloses that he is a Shiganshina District survivor.

Marco tries to keep the other trainees in check as they bombard Eren with questions. Eren becomes agitated, and Marco scolds the questioners for being excessively inquisitive. Eren attempts to get some assistance from his fellow trainees the next night after they all take a test of their proficiency with vertical maneuvering equipment and he does poorly. After realizing that no one else would provide a hand, Marco proposes that Eren approach Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover for guidance.

26. Niccolo

Nicolo is a really interesting man. He is initially seen being held at a knifepoint by Hange and Levi, who had taken him as an early hostage. They’re using him as leverage to negotiate with the Marleyan fleet’s surrender without resorting to force. Nicolo is petrified and almost dies in the ensuing gunfight. But he makes it through when Yelena takes out her captain and decides to meet with the French officials face to face. We recognize that Nicolo was on the scout ship with Yelena, but that he never made it back to Marley. The extent of Nicolo and Yelena’s history before to it is something I’m still unclear about.

Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (26)

After the initial watching, I assumed Nicolo was on teamwork with Zeke to compromise Marley, but after seeing it again, I’m not so sure. Yelena said in this episode that she comes from one of the conquered kingdoms and that she joined Zeke because he provided the clearest road to liberation; if this is true, then Nicolo has a similar history. But in the initial scene of Nicolo cooked with Sasha eating his meal, he makes a rather harsh remark under breath about Eldians, thus I suspect he was originally a Marleyan assigned to Yelena’s ship but eventually warmed up to the Paradisians.

We were helpless,” Yelena said to Hange about her family’s history. Marley seized our houses and enlisted us in his army. We almost gave up hope of ever retaliating. Then we ran into him. The inhabitants of the planet dreaded this Titan and referred to it as the devil. However, what really transpired surprised me much. A one that provided the helpless reason to believe. We were ordered to shoot our bosses by one Zeke Jaeger. Volunteers opposed to the Marley regime. We want the Eldian people to be free.

27. Petra Ral

When Eren Jaeger was originally brought to Levi Ackermann’s Squad, he was cared for and directed by a kind lady named Petra, who appeared to serve as an attachment figure for Eren. Even while everyone on Levi’s team hoped for (and even expected) Eren’s complete and utter faith, it was Petra who was able to win him over. Despite her respect for Levi as a leader and her dedication to the squad, she had a tense relationship with Oruo Bozad, who often tried to mimic Levi.

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Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (27)

Petra was a conditioned soldier with a rapid response time against perceived threat, despite her kind personality. She was fiercely devoted to her superiors and the orders they gave her, but she also showed protective tendencies toward her captain, Levi, such as when Eren accidently became a half Titan and she ordered him to back away. Petra, Eld Gin, and Gunther Schultz assist Levi Ackermann in rescuing a captured soldier from a Titan on a scouting trip outside of Wall Rose. Despite her best efforts, Petra is unable to staunch the bleeding of the wounded soldier as her friends fend off the Titans. She comforts Levi as he talks to the dying guy and tells him the soldier heard him.

Eren Jaeger is under the care of the Special Operations Squad after his destiny was decided in the post-Trost District combat trial and he was accepted into the Scout Regiment. Petra and the rest of the team follow Eren to the abandoned Scout Regiment headquarters, which will now serve as his hiding place. Levi announces that everyone must clean the hideaway immediately because of its poor condition. Petra chats with Eren while cleaning, and she pleasantly brings out the discrepancy between the public’s perception of Levi and the guy himself.

28. Frieda Reiss

The universe of Attack on Titan had a legendary character named Frieda Reiss, who was revered for her skills as the Founding Titan’s chosen vessel. Her extraordinary talents and powers have made her a fearsome antagonist. Frieda’s lack of expertise using her Titan power, despite her access to vast strength and talents, was her greatest vulnerability. Because of her inexperience, her adversaries were able to take advantage of her. Since King Fritz had sworn off all future wars, Frieda seldom had the chance to hone her martial skills in the heat of battle.

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As a consequence, Frieda was not very formidable in battle and would have been easily beaten by a skilled adversary. Despite this, she maintained her significance in the world of Attack on Titan, and she finally put her tremendous strength to good use by assisting in the defense of Paradis Island. Frieda had confidence in her Titan abilities since she had never used them before. Frieda had little experience using her authority in a confrontational scenario since King Fritz had sworn off war. She would have lost easily to an opponent who recognized and capitalized on her vulnerabilities.

Humans may transform into regular titans by injecting themselves with titan fluid. The fluid from the colossal titan, however, made Rod far larger than other titans. It is speculated that the fluid of the colossal titan has a larger concentration of the serum that induces growth than that of other titans, however this is not proven. This would explain Rod’s change, allowing him to grow so tall while yet retaining his brains and human characteristics.

29. Tom Ksaver

Fans and characters alike have been taken aback by the revelation that some of these beings are able to communicate verbally. Fans first saw the Beast Titan when Mike, the second-best soldier of Paradis, came face to face with it. The Beast Titan sought to have a chat with Mike while a regular titan approached to consume him. He inquired about the equipment used for vertical movement. Mike was too frightened to speak out, so the Beast Titan took the gear without asking him a single question. Understanding that the soldier could understand him, he let Mike get eaten by the nearby giants and listened to his screams of pain. The Beast Titan’s successors, in their titan forms, have spoken before.

Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (29)

Tom Ksaver was one of two heirs to the Beast Titan throne. When his Marleyan wife learned he was actually an Eldian, she and their kid took their own lives. Devastated, he chose suicide by inheriting the Beast Titan, which would have expired in thirteen years. During that period, instead of fighting, he studied the titans. There were times he wished he had never been born into this world. Hearing the Marleyan administration discuss the Eldian Restorationists, Zeke realized that his parents would soon be found. He was honest with Tom about his family history. He averted Zeke’s death by instructing him to falsely accuse them. The whole gang, including Grisha and Dina, were exiled to Paradis.

Everyone else became standard titans while Grisha was given control of the Attack Titan. Due of his commitment, Marley decided to pass the Beast Titan on to Zeke. As they matured, they discussed whatever they would need to do to survive now that they knew Zeke was going to steal the Beast Titan from Tom. Tom related to Zeke how he came to know that every Eldian’s body may be altered by the Founding Titan’s abilities. Zeke wanted to know whether the Founding Titan could stop any Eldian from having offspring, thereby wiping out the race so that nobody had to be afraid of them or suffer at their hands again. Zeke made up his mind that he would save humanity with the Founding Titan.

30. Yelena

Many of the major players in Attack on Titan are youngsters when the tale begins, but they mature into ruthless warriors and monstrous creatures with the power to destroy humanity. The Titans are objects of both awe and horror, but for Yelena, a chance meeting with Zeke’s Beast Titan was like being reborn. When Yelena’s life is saved by Zeke’s Titan in the midst of the Marley Mid-East War, she comes to see Zeke as a God who will put a stop to the conflict and restore order to the world. Yelena becomes completely devoted to him and his audacious schemes.

Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (30)

The attack on Libero during Willy Tybur’s big speech is a crucial turning moment in the final season of Attack on Titan. The metamorphosis that occurs to Eren after his intense conversation with Reiner is a primary impetus for this conflict. The exact nature of Yelena’s contribution to the success of Eren’s side of the plan is still unknown. While the first episodes of Attack on Titan take place in a confined, walled-off area, the story’s scope gradually expands, and eventually Paradis Island eventually becomes a highly sought after locale that plays a crucial role in the series’ conclusion.

Eldia and Marley both try to take full advantage of Paradis’ resources, and Marley’s personnel, including Yelena, are among the first to be brought to the island to begin their plan. During this pivotal time on Paradis Island, Yelena weaves a convincing fake history in which her country was captured by Marley.

Eren’s decision to make contact with Zeke in the final act of Attack on Titan hinges on the contentious Rumbling scheme. This horrible scheme serves as a dividing line between the protagonists and the viewers as well. Yelena formerly worshiped Eren as devoutly as she did Zeke, but his treachery has destroyed her belief in him. Yelena strengthens her resolve to carry out Zeke’s euthanasia plan. Yelena’s ultimate goal in this fight is to get people agree that Zeke’s euthanasia plan was justified.

31. Willy Tybur

The War Hammer Titan is owned by the Eldian nobility Tybur family of Marley. The patriarch of the family, Willy Tybur, was revealed in the Marley storyline (Season Finale Episode 4 of Attack of the Titan). He has significant sway in Marleyan politics.

Therefore, we have many questions as he unexpectedly shows up to meet with Commander Theo Magath. Willy appears to be one of the only people in the program that really cares for Marley and the Eldians. (Strange?) Why? He does, however, divulge that the story of the War Hammer Titan is told to every Tybur child.

Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (31)

As a result, he was aware of the actual events that had occurred. And once he found out the reality, he blamed himself and his family for not doing anything. He blamed himself and his family for the hardships endured by the Marleys and the Eldians. While non-interference was still officially the policy, the Tybur Family secretly ruled Marley.

Willy was worried that Marley’s expansionist ideas were leading the country down a destructive road. In the aftermath of the conflict, it was clear that countries were preparing to strike back against Marley. Willy, being an expert in history, would have undoubtedly seen that Marley was making the same errors as the Eldian Empire did. He hoped for a different outcome. So, he went to Theo Magath, whom Willy recommended as the most qualified candidate.

He had better judgment and was less irrationally prejudiced towards the Eldians. Willy saw him as the ideal instrument for furthering his own agenda. To put Magath in power, however, the old guard and dignitaries who commanded Marley’s armed forces had to be eliminated. Willy hoped to utilize the event to make the point that decent Eldians have always existed, even in retrospect.

However, the public’s perception of the Eldians in the imprisonment zone will not shift just because the past has been revealed. To do this, he had to prove that Eldians everywhere were in the same situation as everyone else. They, too, faced danger from the demons on Paradis. It’s clear that Willy Tybur appreciated the dramatic power of storytelling. Using the idea of martyrdom, his dramatic performance to win support for the Eldians on the other side would have been more effective.

32. Uri Reiss

Uri had a little white cape and a brown robe, and he was a very fragile guy. Gray hair down to his chin, tired pale gray-blue eyes, and a placid, wise beyond his years look described him well. Uri’s eyes would sometimes flash from their natural hue to a brilliant purple once he inherited the Founding Titan, a sign that he was obligated to carry out the First King’s wishes.

He was quite short, like the rest of the Reiss clan. Despite being raised in a responsible household, he opposed with his father’s strategy of keeping humankind in bondage to the Titans and thought that his family should utilize their power to eradicate the Titans and give the Earth back to humans.

Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (32)

He believed in his father’s ideas so deeply that he offered that he be the one to inherited the Founding Titan from his grandfather, despite the fact that doing so would put him in danger of getting consumed by his ancestor’s philosophy. Despite Kenny’s rudeness and efforts to assault him, he chose not to bear a grudge against him.

He reasoned that the Ackermann’s animosity was warranted because of the Reiss family. He bowed down to Kenny and apologized properly. Furthermore, he was an exceptionally tranquil individual. He didn’t react when Kenny stabbed him, and he didn’t flinch when Kenny pointed a gun at him. Uri Reiss was Mr. and Mrs. Reiss’s second child and younger brother, Rod.

Uri and Rod begged their father to end humanity’s servitude as the inheritor of the Building Titan, the “invincible power” that might put an end to the Titans’ horror once and for all, but he always refused. Later on, Uri reportedly asked Rod to pray before he became the next Founding Titan because he wanted so much power that it would make him a god, and he planned to use it to stop the Titans.

Nonetheless, Rod could tell by Uri’s the eyes. Since that he possessed his father’s ideology, as Mr. Reiss and all the different kings before him were not willing to either obliterate the Titans or tell every individual the lost recollection of mankind after they ate their father as part of the Reiss family’s subsequent ritual.

33. Rod Reiss

Fans loved the episode even though it featured one of the anime’s most formidable antagonists, Rod Reiss. He was a popular favorite despite being a psychotic megalomaniac. The genuine ruler of the walls between 845 and 850 had some strange notions about history, which only added to the drama.

Reiss had a lot of responsibility on his shoulders as the king’s son. Many members of the Reiss family became power-crazy due to the burden of having secret information passed down through the generations. The Founding Titan has been handed down through the royal family for ages.

Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (33)

Uri Reiss, brother of Rod Reiss, inherited an undesirable power that gives him sway over the other mindless Titans. Frieda, Rod’s daughter, received it later from him. Lord Reiss cared deeply about this legacy, and in a moment of despair, he made a choice that would alter life within the city walls forever. Even in his Titan form, Rod’s back issue prevented him from standing when he transformed.

The monster still had a burning urge to kill everything, so he crawled toward the next town with his face scraping the earth. Rod’s face was obscured as he squirmed helplessly toward the wall. However, he eventually tried to get to his feet, exposing his bloodied face to the world. Many viewers bowed out of the theatre during this historic scene. It was too hard to bear to see Rod’s Titan face after it had been disfigured.

Many viewers hypothesized a link between Rod Reiss and the Colossus Titan. However, there is really very little similarity between the two. One of Marley’s troops, Bertolt Hoover, was this titanic being.

To get to the Founding Titan, they had to break through the wall. Because it may have swung the conflict on Paradis Island in favor of the Marleyans, they were eager to claim the ancient power for themselves. Colossus is one of the strongest and darkest adversaries in Attack on Titan, despite the fact that he is not universally regarded as one of the show’s finest villains.

34. Nile Dok

Nile Dok commands a division of the Paradise Army. In addition, he is in charge of the Special Brigades. Eren Jager testified before the Military Tribunal during his trial. He intended to render Eren unable to learn before eliminating him. After then, he was there many times as a regular member of the General staff.

Naile was in his middle 30s, and he had a small moustache and short, black hair. He looked like Erwin Smith in terms of build. The features of his face were square and harsh. He took great pride in his logical mind at Aot. In times of perplexity, he would weigh his choices carefully before settling on the one that seemed most rational.

Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (34)

He advocated for Eren Jager’s execution, although he could see the good in Eren, unlike Pastor Nick. There was too much at stake for the Exploration Battalion to jeopardize Eren’s safety by preventing a civil war behind the walls. He also changed his mind when Livai pointed out that the Special Brigades couldn’t handle Eren’s size. He was just looking out for himself and his loved ones.

He knew his agency was rotten and that someone inside it was probably murdering or torturing people without his knowledge. In order to keep the cases under wraps, he restricted the media. He smiled at Erwin’s defeated attempt to free himself from the clamps, certain that this was the best way to assure his own safety and success.

Dok Erwin Smith and Nile went to school together, and Nile was the one who suggested that Smith join the exploration unit Battalion. Erwin’s suggestion that there was another human species beyond the Walls made him chuckle, but it didn’t stop him from laughing. Their one true love at the moment was Mary.

Since she knew she could accomplish it, Naile gave up her goal and enlisted in the Special Brigades. But Erwin picked this one and left Mary for her rival. He’d rather stay home with Mary than go on an exciting trip. Nile married Mary Dok, and the couple eventually produced two kids. Over time, he worked his way up to the position of top military commander.

35. Ian Dietrich

Although Ian was normally harsh and short with his troops, he would sometimes strike up a discussion with them at less stressful moments. He trusted his friends and was respectful to his bosses. His commander, Dot Pyxis, remarked on his extensive knowledge of wine and how openly he discussed strategy with his men. Despite this, he was still able to think rationally and yell instructions to frantic warriors.

He persisted in the effort to reclaim Trost District in the manner he saw to be optimal despite the criticisms of Rico and Mitabi. After the Colossal Titan has broken into Trost District, Ian first makes an appearance. Even though Mikasa Ackermann objects that she would only slow them down, he orders the rear guard to include her.

Best 'Attack On Titan' Characters That Had the Biggest Impact on the Show - OtakuKart (35)

Ian retorts that she should simply follow since he did not ask for her views. His crew pursues an aberrant Titan that is attempting to attack escaping residents as it makes its way through the city. Ian praises Mikasa for her bravery when she successfully captures the Titan and kills it before it can do any more harm.

He respects Mikasa’s professionalism as she apologizes for the damage to her blades that occurred during the assault, but he is frightened by her apparent lack of fear. After receiving the order to leave, the crew continues to fend off Titans. Despite Ian’s complaints, Mikasa disobeys his instructions and flees with his squad before they can scale the wall and offer cover for the approaching team as they also retire.

As more and more Titans flood into Trost, the troops are unable to stop the tide. Eren wakes just as Ian is ready to command a retreat, and he starts moving the boulder toward the entrance of Trost’s territory. Ian gives the command for Mikasa and Armin Arlelt to guard Eren by staying close to him at all times.

Then he sees Mitabi’s crew, without any structures to use their ODM equipment, walking up to the Titans in an attempt to divert their attention from Eren. Ian decides there’s no other option and gives that directive to his squad. Ian presents himself as bait, sacrificing his life so that the Titans would focus on him instead of Eren. When he tries to save a squadmate from a Titan’s jaws, he ends up being devoured himself.


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