Every Chainsaw Man Main Character's Age (2023)

Chainsaw Man is a vicious, hilarious, and dark shonen manga/anime franchise where trained devil hunters tend to die young in the line of duty. This makes Chainsaw Man fans curious about how old these main characters are, though the answers can be fuzzy at times.

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A few characters in Chainsaw Man have a confirmed age, while others are estimated to be in a small age range based on their appearance, personality, or even their seniority over other characters. Tragically, many of these characters die fairly young, though others have survived many years of brutal combat and have a lot of hard-won experience under their belts by now.

The following contains spoilers for the Chainsaw Man manga.



When Does Chainsaw Man Take Place?

Every Chainsaw Man Main Character's Age (1)

Many Chainsaw Man characters may be curious about when this series takes place, and that can provide context for when the characters were born and what kind of world in which they grew up. Chainsaw Man is confirmed to take place in the year 1997 when the story starts, but it's not the same 1990s some anime fans remember.

Chainsaw Man also takes place in an alternate timeline, which affects global politics somewhat. The Soviet Union, for example, is still together and some characters are native there. This makes Chainsaw Man feel both familiar and unnervingly different at the same time.

Every Chainsaw Man Main Character's Age

Denji: 16 Years Old

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Chainsaw Man protagonist Denji is 16 years old, the right age to be a shonen lead. He isn't just 16 to be relatable to most shonen fans, though; Denji really does act and think like a teenage boy, both in good ways and bad for the sake of realism.

Denji is crude, dreams small, is viciously blunt, and is largely ignorant of the world as an under-educated teenager, but he's enjoying his new life as Chainsaw Man and is living a life most 1990s adolescents could never dream of. He's also like a wacky foster brother for Power, who also acts like a bratty adolescent in most of her scenes.

Aki Hayakawa: Probably 19 Years Old

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Like many Chainsaw Man characters, the tsundere Aki Hayakawa doesn't have a definitive, canon age, but fans feel confident that he is 19 years old, perhaps just barely 20. After all, Chainsaw Man lore said that Aki is three years Denji's senior, and Denji is 16 right now in the anime.

Whatever his age, Aki is a skilled and dedicated devil hunter who leaves nothing to error. He is also grimly aware of how tough this job is, and he will try to discourage unprepared recruits and boot them out of this dangerous profession before it gets them killed.

Kishibe: Early 50s

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Denji's rough mentor Kishibe is one of Chainsaw Man's oldest characters, and he is largely defined as a scarred veteran who has seen and done everything in his devil hunting career. He personally trained Denji and Power to boost their skills in the anime, and it might pay off someday.

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Kishibe is believed to be in his early 50s, so he has certainly been through a lot in a deadly profession like this one. Many devil hunters die young, but Kishibe had what it took to survive, and that made him the single most powerful and skilled devil hunter working in Tokyo.

Kobeni Higashiyama: 20 Years Old

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Kobeni Higashiyama is a dandere devil hunter who actually never intended to be a devil hunter at all. However, her family needed money to send her older brother to college, so Kobeni was asked to either get into X-rated work or become a devil hunter to earn paychecks.

Kobeni has some skill as a knife-wielding devil hunter, but she doesn't have the nerve to fight typical devils, and might even sacrifice her allies to get out of a tight spot. Kobeni also has a devil contract, but she won't tell anyone what kind of devil she made that contract with.

Asa Mitaka: 15–18 Years Old

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Asa Mitaka is the new Chainsaw Man protagonist in the manga, and she is in her mid to late teens, just like her uneasy ally Denji. The lore hasn't specified Asa's age, but given her status as a high schooler, she is 15–18 years old.

Asa Mitaka is a sullen and antisocial teenage girl, refusing to make friends at school and often wishing her classmates would simply drop dead. Her dull, empty teenage life suddenly became much more exciting, and scarier, when Yoru the war devil made her into a host.

Nayuta: 1 Year Old

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Nayuta is the reincarnation of Makima the control devil, coming to life in 1997, or the year of Makima's death. This makes Nayuta one of Chainsaw Man's youngest characters, though it's unclear if she was reborn looking like that or if she grew up extremely rapidly.

Nayuta's role in the story and personality are still being defined in the Chainsaw Man manga, but so far, she's shaping up to be a fairly controlling person, as her control devil status would suggest. She views Asa as an unfriendly rival for Denji's attention and affection and will get right into Asa's face about it, too.

Himeno: Likely 19+

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The cheerful devil hunter Himeno is likely in her late teens to mid-20s or so, given her appearance, her habit of smoking, and the fact that she had a few devil hunter partners before meeting Aki Hayakawa. Aki is 19–20, so Himeno is likely at least that old or older.

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Himeno, like many devil hunters, died in the prime of her youth, and already, Chainsaw Man anime fans dearly miss her. She was a skilled devil hunter with excellent melee skills and a contract with the ghost devil, though she failed to finish off her enemies in the end, including Katana Man and Akane.

Hirokazu Arai: 22 Years Old

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Hirokazu Arai may just be a supporting character in the Chainsaw Man anime, but fans still like him as a supportive, friendly young man who stands out from all the dysfunctional and brutal people around him. He is also known for his chivalrous behavior and will oppose anything he considers immoral.

Hirokazu will gladly look after people who are ill, such as his mother, and he will defend Kobeni from Power's teasing, too. Hirokazu doesn't seem that confident, though, since he greatly envies Denji's power as a devil hunter.

Reze: Likely 18+

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Reze is a popular character from the Chainsaw Man manga who will likely appear in the anime's next season as the primary antagonist. Reze's exact age isn't canonically known, but given her appearance and Denji's fondness for her, she is probably in her late teens to early 20s.

Reze presented herself as a charming young lady whom any teenage boy would like, and Denji fell for it. Reze isn't just a café employee; she is a super-soldier from the Soviet Union, and she is ready to use her bomb devil powers to take on Chainsaw Man in mortal combat.

Akane Sawatori: Likely 18+

Every Chainsaw Man Main Character's Age (11)

Akane Sawatori is a cool-headed and aloof girl in Chainsaw Man who made a contract with the snake devil. She once fought alongside her ally Katana Man against the public safety commission heroes, and she was once connected to the infamous gun devil, too.

Akane's specific age is unknown, though she is likely in her late teens to mid-20s, based on her appearance and personality. She can also be brutally ruthless, even against herself, such as when she took her own life to avoid capture at the hands of Denji's team.

Power: Likely 16+

Every Chainsaw Man Main Character's Age (12)

Denji's wacky fiend partner Power is a devil living in a human's body, with her horns, eyes, and sharp teeth hinting at her original true self. It's unconfirmed exactly how old Power is, though, and there are multiple ways to measure her age.

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The original blood devil could be any age—possibly even centuries years old—so Chainsaw Man fans may instead ask how old Power's human body is. Appearance-wise, Power is likely Denji's age or perhaps a bit older. At the very least, Denji never commented on Power looking significantly older than him, so she's probably close to his age.

Makima: Likely 25+

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Makima is enormously popular among anime fans as a beautiful but mysterious villain waifu, and Denji himself admires her most of all. Makima presents herself as a polite, helpful professional devil hunter, but she has a powerful, sinister side that Denji isn't yet aware of.

Makima's age is totally unknown, though fans can estimate her rough age. Based on Makima's appearance, voice, position of authority, and how other people speak to her, she is probably in her mid-20s—possibly a bit older, though probably not much older than 30.

Hirofumi Yoshida: 15+

Every Chainsaw Man Main Character's Age (14)

Hirofumi Yoshida is a major character in the new Chainsaw Man story arc, a public safety devil hunter and an associate of Asa's. His exact age is unknown, though Chainsaw Man gives fans solid clues with his appearance and his multiple roles in the story.

Hirofumi Yoshida is old enough to be a devil hunter but young enough to blend into a high school setting, so he is almost certainly 15 years old at minimum, and probably 16-17, like Asa herself. He's another example of how the deadly devil hunting profession tends to hire vigorous youths who are likely to die sooner than later.

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