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Fischl's Domain in Genshin Impact's big Summer Fantasia event is packed with more puzzles and hidden items than the first two Summertime Odyssey quests. This Genshin Impact Immernachtreich Apokalypse guide covers the entire Domain quest from start to finish, including some of the optional side puzzles you can solve between excursions into Fischl's mind.

All Fischl Domain Puzzles and Solutions


There's no travel required to start Fischl's Domain. Once the clock ticks 'round again and the quest triggers, you enter the Immernachtreich from the base camp and are immediately greeted with a new type of puzzle: the Gaze of the Deep.

The initial puzzle is just an introduction to the mechanic. Adjust the lens position and zoom level to make the object in its range fit a gap in the landscape behind or nearby it. After the initial puzzle, enter the next chamber, and focus on the block to gain access to the upper level. Take the elevator back down, adjust the block again, then take the elevator back up and move ahead.

How to Repair the Bridge in Genshin Impact

The next set of puzzles introduces a common theme in Immernachtreich Apokalypse. You encounter a group of Hilichurls along the path forward, though this time, they're primarily your average 'churl and archers. Once you reach the end of the path, take the stairs down and use the Gaze of the Deep at the platform's far end.

Here's how the two arches should look.

This and several later Gaze of the Deep puzzles are a bit finnicky, and it's easy to accidentally undo the solution if you move the cursor or control stick even slightly. Your best bet is taking your hands off the mouse or controller once the telltale purple flash pops and exiting the screen before it detects any movement.

Save Leon - Introduction

You meet Leon the raven knight at the end of the path after completing a straightforward staircase puzzle, though he's in a spot of trouble. Use the Gaze of the Deep to adjust the platforms so the lines match up with the path Leon needs to take, like so:

Speak with him once he's safe, and speak the password at the barrier to continue. There's one more puzzle before you can leave.

Ignore the elevator for now. Head down the stairs into the plaza with the Hilichurls instead. Defeat them, and repair the bridge. Again.

Take the elevator up, interact with the book, and leave the Domain for now.

Immernachtreich Apokalypse Part 2


Twinned Island has undergone a bit of a change by the time you get back. It's a mix of Fischl's castle and a Mondstadt-themed village, with raven statues dotted around in various stages of preparation for a drama festival. Interact with them for some optional Night Raven puzzles that unlock nearby treasure chests.

Once you're ready to continue, follow the quest marker to the castle's interior and back into the Immernachtreich.

This time, a new puzzle challenge faces you. You frequently encounter Gaze of the Deep puzzles where you have to guess at the correct placement because an obstacle of some kind prevents you from seeing the spot where the object should go.

The images below should help guide you through the next puzzles, but it's also a good idea to take movements in small increments. The audio cue and see the small circle that appear are your cues you're on the right track.

After the initial puzzle, head up the staircase and deal with the Mitachurl and Hilichurls along the walkway. Mind the Mitachurl's more powerful attacks, as it's easy to get launched off the parapet on such a narrow battlefield.

Enter the open area ahead, and deal with the additional Hilichurls and Abyss Mage waiting for you.

Make sure to grab the Phantasmal Conch on the table to your right!

The next puzzle is a bit more involved. Use the device to spin the central tower until the horizontal tower is directly over the platform near you. Move forward until you reach the end of the pathway where the Gaze of the Deep device is, and adjust it.

Make your way around to the next device, dealing with the random 'churls that accost you along the way. This time, spin the tower so the horizontal spire with the Gaze of the Deep pillar on it is facing the dais and its Gaze of the Deep pillar.

At the end of the path is Leon, stuck in a bind once again.

This puzzle is a bit more involved, so check out our Save Leon guide for specific steps!

With Leon rescued, speak the password, and close the book.


Immernachtreich Apokalypse Part 3 - Repair the Bridge (Again)

Back in not-Mondstadt, make your way to the top of the castle. You can climb its eastern walls and pop up over the parapet, where you also find another Night Raven puzzle that asks you to figure out who was truly deceived among a bundle of liars.

Find the next book, and head back inside the Immernachtreich. There's a new type of puzzle again - sort of. You need to position the Shadowy Cubes in the right spot instead of random objects or pieces of masonry, but it functions pretty much the same as the first round of puzzles.

Once you complete the introductory puzzle, you arrive in an open area with a toy castle in front of you. Your next task is finding both Toy Castle parts, which we outline how to do in our Toy Castle guide.

After that is the last Save Leon puzzle, and then a cutscene plays. Once it ends, you take control of trial versions of Mona, Fischl (without Oz), Kazuha, and Xinyan. Follow the trail of enemies to make it through the bookshelf labyrinth, and confront the other Fischl at the end.

After completing Immernachtreich Apokalypse, make sure to grab another Phantasmal Conch from the well at the northern part of the island!

Once you complete the Domain, the Phantom Realm challenge version of the Domain unlocks, along with a handful of new world quests, including the Drama Phantasmagoria quest.

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