These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (2023)

We have made a deep analysis based on the data published by the creators of the game to bring you everything you need to know about the best Free Fire weapons. We managed to make a top for each type of weaponry, giving it a different score for each weapon.

Do you already play Free fire? This game is one of the best survival games today.

In Free Fire your survival depends on three factors: How good you are at shooting, how you use the terrain to your advantage and what equipment you bring. Knowing how to use weapons properly, keeping the best ones and discarding those that are obsolete is vital.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (1)

The best thing we can recommend is leave behind the lower scoring weapons that are of the same type, for example: If you take an assault rifle with a score of 9, leave behind those with a score of 8 or less, remember that the space in your backpack is limited.

The scale that we will use for each weapon goes from 1 to 10, we take into account all possible factors: Damage, recoil, precision, ammunition capacity and also the amount of accessories that it allows.

At the end of the article we will give you a short tutorial on all accessories, how to use them and what each one is for.

You won’t find a better analysis anywhere on the internet, here we go.

Best Free Fire Precision Rifles

You wondered What is the best Free Fire sniper in 2020?

This type of weapon is one of the favorites of all time, nothing like finding a good place to cover your squad or to eliminate all the enemies without realizing what hit them.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (2)

If you like to beat enemies at long distance the best thing you can do is use a telescopic sight, in good hands these sniper-style rifles are completely lethal. Remember that a weapon’s range is the distance at which it can shoot, the more range a shot will go.

Free Fire Sniper What are they?

Weapon Damage Range Precision Rate of fire Ammo Reload speed Availability
M82B 90 85 90 27 8 41 Loot (Blue zone)
AWM 90 91 90 27 5 34 Drop / Supplies
Kar98k 90 84 90 27 5 27 Loot
SVD – Dragunov 89 80 51 35 10 41 Drop / Supplies
SKS 82 82 51 35 10 41 Loot
VSS 54 82 73 48 15 55 Loot


Its main advantage is that it has 8 bullets in the cartridge, all with lethal power. With this rifle you will be able to penetrate blocks of ice and do more damage to vehicles . It is very versatile, one of the most powerful weapons with the ability to add a silencer.

It does not get the full score for a sniper rifle with more damage and a little more range, but for us it is the best possible combination of characteristics. You should only opt for the AWM in case you want to kill from a truly epic distance, in any other case always keep this one.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (3)

Score: 9


This is the rifle with the most range in the whole game, a true sniper pro, also (Although the statistics do not reflect it) it is the one that does the most damage, a good shot with the AWM will immediately eliminate your enemy.

Why isn’t it in the first place? Because its magazine is only five rounds and you need to take your eyes off your sights with every shot you take. It is the most lethal rifle but the least versatile of all.

It comes with its own built-in long-range sight and only works with AWM-specific ammunition.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (4)

Score: 9

SVD – Dragunov

A little less accurate than the AWM and M8, but its semi-automatic uniqueness makes it special. It has a 4x equipped sight and the ability to attach any number of accessories.

The bad thing is that is only available in drops, it is even more versatile than the M82B (if you can get all the components) but with much less damage, range and precision.

Stay with the M82B, unless you have all its components and many enemies at your fingertips to shoot like crazy.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (5)

Score 8


This is a peculiar rifle, difficult to find but with very easy ammunition such as the SMG. It is semi automatic, comes with an already equipped silencer and allows you to integrate a sight. It does not work at long range, however it is lethal in medium range.

It is the rifle with the least damage in the game but with the highest loading and firing speed, even better than the SVD – Dragunov. That is why we placed it in fourth place.

We don’t recommend it for late game stages unless you don’t have more precision rifles. However, if you always manage to hit it in the middle of the eyes of the other players, this is the best option for you.

It deals enough damage to kill from medium range if you hit the head and you will be available to fire again quickly.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (6)

Score: 7


With this rifle you will get fast firing speed, but it will cost you a lot of precision. Unless you get the accessories to improve precision, it is better to use any other long-range rifle.

It’s fine for medium range with accessories on, or in case you are surprised I enter your hiding place and you have to shoot without the sight … Otherwise change it as soon as you can.

The only advantage over other assault rifles is their expandable 10-round capacity in the magazine.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (7)

Score: 7


This is a slightly degraded version of the AWM, if you can’t get either the M8 or the AWM and want to use it long distance, keep it. For medium range any other sniper rifle will serve you better.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (8)

Score 7

Best Free Fire assault rifles / machine guns

Find out which are the best assault rifles after the latest garena 2020 update.

These are probably the most used weapons in the game, they can be used for medium, short and long distance, so they are completely versatile.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (9)

They have automatic fire and completely destructive impact power, they adapt to almost all situations. In this section we will also include heavy machine guns.

Free Fire Assault Rifles list:

Weapon Damage Range Precision Rate of fire Ammo Reload speed Availability
AUG 56 56 35 61 35 48 Loot
AN94 60 55 48 58 30 45 Loot
M4A1 53 77 54 56 30 48 Loot
M14 76 79 57 43 15 41 Loot
SCAR 53 60 42 61 30 41 Loot
AK 62 73 41 55 30 41 Loot
FAMAS 53 70 54 67 30 48 Loot
GROZA 61 75 54 56 30 48 Drop / Supplies
XM8 57 58 58 60 25 48 Loot
M60 56 65 43 56 60 48 Loot
M249 57 77 56 59 100 48 Drop / Supply


For us this is one of the most lethal weapons in the game, if you get it, don’t let it go. It has almost the same precision as the most precise submachine gun of all (The M14) with the difference that it does the damage of a heavy machine gun. A real madness!

For many players it is the evolution of the dreaded and classic FAMAS.

You can shoot at medium and long range with this weapon because it has almost no rate of fire. It is lethal in any situation, however it will be very difficult to find it, it is only available in drops.

Its magazine has only 30 rounds, which is quite average, with the difference that the Groza and its precision will make you spend very few shots.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (10)

Score: 9.5


Addictive on its own, a weapon with 100 bullets in each cartridge and overwhelming shooting power. Works great at medium and long range, perfect for killing 1950s Italian mobster style.

The best thing about this beast is that, against all odds, it recharges really fast. If you have to face a player with M249, you better eliminate him quickly before the firepower annuls you, you will receive bullets without stop.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (11)

Score 9


The most lethal machine gun , more accurate and with the longest range in the game … It only has one small detail: 15 bullets in the magazine. This is a weapon to use with precision , the firepower is almost zero. It has the advantage that you can switch it to semi-automatic mode.

If it had a slightly larger magazine, it would be at the top, with 10 points topping the list. In the hands of a pro it can be lethal throughout the game, it is also equipped with a long-range sight , which will make it functional in any situation.

We recommend to replace it only if you get something better in a droop.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (12)

Score 9


Loved by all and hated by many. The AK combines lethal damage with a fast rate of fire, it takes a lot to master but when you do, you become everyone’s nightmare on the map.

We do not recommend it for beginners because they tend to deplete their ammo very quickly.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (13)

Score 8.5


It is the first weapon in the game that allows you to shoot in bursts of three shots or semi-automatically. P you can equip it with anything you get, literally everything, and it’s pretty accurate. An efficient submachine gun that fires faster than any other.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (14)

Score 8


A very good medium range rifle, comes pre-equipped with a useful sight and causes More damage than average machine guns with much less recoil. You can add all kinds of accessories, except the sights, we do not recommend it as a long-distance weapon.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (15)

Score 8


This is a na modernized AK with much less recoil, let’s say, a newbie AK. It is much easier to use at long range, it is more accurate, but it does less damage.

If you manage to master an AK, you should not go to the AN94, Unless you want to face a long distance battle, this new version has an extended range.

What ends up deteriorating this weapon is its rate of fire, enemies retreat very little when you shoot them if you compare it with the AK. Not a good machine gun for short ranges.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (16)

Score: 7.5


This is a good heavy submachine gun, especially to give cover fire to your friends in squad mode. It is quite balanced between damage and range, the problem is its high recoil. It has a large magazine that you can save by giving small bursts of 5 shots to keep your enemy close to the ground .

It is very good for fighting in medium to long ranges, especially if your enemy does not have a weapon equipped with a magnified scope. You can only improve it with an optical sight, it has no possibility of improving its recoil.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (17)

Score: 7


Despite how popular it is in the game it is a weapon with poor statistics, not very powerful and not very accurate. They tend to use it a lot because it is easy to handle and can be equipped with multiple accessories. Once you put all the toys (The sight, the shaft and the level 3 mouth) You will obtain precision at long distance, but you still need to have good damage.

If you had more bullets in the magazine we could give you a better score, but despite being accurate once equipped and easy to get, you have to take many pauses to reload and spend many shots per enemy.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (18)

Score 7


It would be an alternative to SCAR for medium and short range, with more precision when the enemy is close and much more damage. Sacrifices firing range to add more damage, suffers from less recoil than SCAR, and you can add endless mods to it with components.

For close battles stick with this one and not with SCAR.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (19)

Score 7


Good to get at the beginning of the game, especially since comes with a scope included that can give you some advantage. It is last on the list because it is quite inaccurate and does little damage. Its stats are almost everything below SCAR, so we had to give it the lowest score of all machine guns.

As it is quite easy to use, we recommend: If you get it quickly, use it, always discard it for the rest.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (20)

Score 6.5

Best Free Fire Submachine Guns

Of the best weapons for Free Fire in 2020, we told you that we would talk about all weapons in free fire and now it’s up to submachine guns.

Also called light machine guns, submachine guns are lethal weapons at short range and medium short. The intention of these weapons is spending one magazine per enemy, literally filling any opponent with lead in seconds.

If you are lucky enough that your rivals come close together you will be able to do double and triple kills with them.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (21)

They are 0 effective for long distances, but lethal in one-on-one or in close quarters. If you stay at a distance they won’t be able to defeat you inside a house with either a shotgun or an assault rifle.

There are two fundamental factors in choosing a good short machine gun: The speed of fire and the damage.

Finally we recommend to use modern sub machine guns, so that you can equip them with improvements and make them much more efficient and versatile.

List of best Free Fire weapons: Submachine guns

Weapon Damage Range Precision Rate of fire Ammo Reload speed Availability
Thompson 50 33 42 77 42 48 Loot
P90 48 27 37 75 50 48 Loot
MP5 48 41 54 76 48 77 Loot
UMP 49 36 36 75 48 77 Loot
MP40 48 22 17 83 20 48 Loot


For us, the best submachine gun, with a very good magazine, capacity to do a lot of damage and some extra distance that will save your skin on many occasions. This is a middle ground between the extreme speed of the MP40 and the P90’s giant magazine, is the best submachine gun to deal quick damage without running out of bullets.

It seems to us the most versatile of all, only comparable to the P90, but with a little more damage and range. It does not need the equipment, it is solid in itself.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (22)

Score: 8


It is light, modern, stable and precise. It has a giant magazine of 50 rounds which allows you to last longer in pitched battles, it is perfect for shooting at a certain distance once you put all the equipment on it.

You can move confidently within cities with this weapon, if you want to use it tactically you can, but you can also cook your enemies before they find out. It serves to dominate in short and medium range as long as you are not out in the open.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (23)

Score: 8


A disposable weapon, the most submachine gun in the game How? Yes, does not serve for anything other than eliminating an enemy brutally and quickly. Pure aggression, they will not know what hit them and they will already be out of the game.

Break the record for running out of bullets. With a short magazine and the fastest rate of fire in the game the MP40 is designed to blow up any poor opponent that crosses you at close range. If you get two people together, they will both die.

It is completely useless at medium range, it helps you defend positions on the map, but you have to have time to reload, reload and reload.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (24)

Score: 7


A fairly mediocre weapon in terms of damage but very accurate, it’s fine to stick with it if you’re just starting out and you still can’t get your assault rifles. If you are abroad, we recommend using a gun.

Any enemy with a level 3 vest will be practically immune to your bullets. Get rid of this submachine gun as quickly as possible when you advance in the play.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (25)

Score: 6


A balanced submachine gun … maybe too much. Taking into account that it is a submachine gun we had to leave it at the bottom of the list, with this weapon you will have to invest time, bullets and a lot of precision to be able to eliminate an enemy, in conclusion, does not work as a submachine gun, but as a weak assault rifle.

The only advantage it has is its operation at medium range (Only with accessories), so it ends up being a very, very mediocre assault rifle. For us it is one of the worst weapons in the entire game. If you don’t have any more weapons and you are at a long distance, use it, in any other case it is better that you opt for a pistol.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (26)

Score: 5

Best Free Fire Shotguns

If you prefer aggressive play styles you will be comfortable with a shotgun. They are very easy to find and have the most deadly damage inside. The M1887 does 100 damage, there is nothing higher than that.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (27)

What to look for in a shotgun? Charge speed, ammo, and range. With these weapons the damage is assured, so it all comes down to how far away you can be lethal and how fast you can reload. Those are the three factors that you should look at to choose your favorite.

For this top we will take into account the new shotgun in Free Fire 2020. If you want to learn all the tricks with shotguns, we will leave you a video about how to use a shotgun in Free Fire at the end of this section.

What are the Free Fire shotguns?

Weapon Damage Range Precision Rate of fire Ammo Reload speed Availability
M1887 100 21 10 42 2 76 Loot
M1014 94 10 10 38 6 20 Loot
M1873 94 8 10 35 2 41 Loot
SPAS12 97 16 10 42 5 34 Loot


One of the most effective weapons in the game and undoubtedly the best shotgun. It only fires two shots, but both are deadly, you can shoot them at short medium range and they will work the same. What makes this shotgun so good is its reload speed, faster than any other weapon in the game.

If you learn to move properly and are fast, you will always have your two fatal shots available.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (28)

Score: 9

2. SPAS12

This shotgun is balanced, almost tactical. Causes catastrophic damage at a good distance and allows you to have five rounds in the magazine. Perfect for running around cities and meeting enemies along the way. You can put an extended charger to make it completely versatile.

The only disadvantage is its reload time, you will have to cover yourself to make that little pause.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (29)

Score: 8


It is a deteriorated version of the SPAS12, you will have an extra bullet in the magazine, but the rest is inferior to its contender. It does less damage and works only in short range, also when you run out of your six shots better run or change weapons. The reload time of this shotgun it’s epically slow.

If you don’t like 2-shot shotguns, you can opt for this one, but once you get the SPAS12 you must discard it. The extra shot you will have does not compensate for its lack of range and its reload time.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (30)

Score: 6


Better use a frying pan, with this shotgun you will only eliminate your enemy if he does not have a vest and you shoot at burning clothes. It is a deteriorated version of the M1887, you will have two shots and it will take twice as long to recharge.

Keep it as a secondary weapon, for use indoors if you’ve already gotten at least one good pistol.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (31)

Score 5

How to use a shotgun in Free Fire:

Best Free Fire special weapons

These are all weapons with special characteristics, using some you can destroy vehicles at will, with others you will win the game without difficulties.

We decided to group them into a single category because it would be unfair to compare them with the others. At the end of the article we will show you where to find special weapons on the map.

Free Fire special weapons list:

Weapon Damage Range Precision Rate of fire Ammo Reload speed Availability
M79 90 51 90 27 1 62 Drop / Supplies
Crossbow 90 36 90 48 1 41 Loot
MGL140 90 51 90 33 5 76 Loot
Healing Gun 56 33 57 44 25 48 Loot
CG15 50 71 60 69 20 62 Loot
Gatling 55 84 79 56 1200 62 Loot
Hand Cannon 90 10 34 27 2 62 Loot
RGS50 90 100 90 27 3 62 Loot
Plasma 57 73 54 30 58 Loot
Ice Gun 5 Loot


If someone secretly shoots you, you can give them a token of your appreciation with a 40mm charge. This weapon is effective both outdoors and indoors. Its damage is overwhelming and despite having only one shot per magazine, it takes less time than some shotguns to reload.

Once you shoot, if you miss, seek shelter quickly.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (32)

Score: 8


Use it with care, you will have a single shot. It is a silent weapon to be used with stealth, you will cause powerful penetration damage that will nullify any vest or helmet.

If you manage to hit your enemy, you will deal damage by bleeding a few seconds after the hit. It does not accept any type of accessories.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (33)

Score 7


To put any player’s nerves on edge, you can unleash all your anger without any restrictions. This is a repeating grenade launcher, you can shoot up to 5 times before running out of ammunition. You can download them all with a single enemy if you want to ensure the death of him and show your contempt.

It is possible to add a magazine to have more ammunition , for now it is only available in special game modes. To win a game with him you will have to make sure you use each shot well … We know that it is very difficult to control yourself but if you use it in a technical way you can win the game.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (34)

Score: 9

Healing Gun

You can both heal your allies and cause some damage to your enemies, in case they surprise you in full assistance. Its load is limited and it does not accept any type of accessories.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (35)

Score 8


Completely versatile, terribly damaging and with a futuristic look that is the sensation.

You can use it with two modes: Normal and precision . In normal mode u you will use SMG ammunition with quick shots and an acceptable damage, you can improve it by applying a magazine and a shaft.

In precision mode is when the CG15 stands out: By putting your eye on the sight you can activate the super charged shot, if you recharge it to the maximum you will cause damage of 100 points, more than any sniper rifle .

This rifle’s rate of fire is a bit low, so it’s not the best weapon in normal mode. We could say that it is a deadly precision rifle accompanied by a submachine gun with which you can defend yourself while taking a good position.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (36)

Score: 9.5


Dominate the battlefield with this beast. Accurate, lethal, fast and with a 1200 round magazine to use at pleasure.

Make bullets rain on the map, a storm … No one will be safe when you decide to pull the trigger, the fire against your enemies will be endless. As if that were not enough, the Gatling is very precise and covers a really impressive firing distance, we cannot consider it a tactical weapon, but you could use it as such.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (37)

Score: 10

Hand Cannon

The best complement for your equipment, a rechargeable handheld grenade launcher. It is lethal at short and medium distances, in addition you can take a second shot if you miss the first one. Whenever you see it, get it, it will give you great advantages in the game.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (38)

Score: 8

RGS50 – Antimatter Rifle

BOOM! This is enough to describe the RGS50 … We will also tell you something else: It is the ideal weapon to destroy vehicles, with everything they have inside. Also for shooting at hidden targets or in the open field and at far distances.

Personally, it is the weapon we most enjoy using in Free Fire.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (39)

Score: 8.5

Plasma Weapon

It is a pistol that does not need bullets , once the magazine is finished you will only have to wait for the energy it uses to shoot to recharge. The rate of fire is good and has very little recoil making it easy to use. You just have to add a good scope to make it a rifle worth using throughout the game.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (40)

Score: 8

Ice Gun

You cannot attack with it. It serves for Lie down, will generate an ice shield that will serve as a trench for intense combat in the open field.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (41)

Score 7

Where to find special weapons in Free Fire

These are the locations to find the best special weapons in the game.

Best Free Fire Pistols

Small, with little range but effective. You can use them as your main weapon as long as you don’t have any other and as a complementary weapon.

There is little variety, there are only four models, two that work and two that do not.

What are the guns in Free Fire ?:

Weapon Damage Range Precision Rate of fire Ammo Reload speed Availability
Desert Eagle 90 74 45 33 7 69 Loot
G18 45 36 57 64 15 48 Loot
USP 45 29 57 44 12 83 Loot
M500 67 76 10 43 5 69 Loot

Desert Eagle

A heavy pistol for rude people, the damage is incredible and the recoil is brutal. You will have to exercise your arms before firing it, it works very well at short, medium and even long distances. </ strong> You will have only 7 shots, but it will take little time to reload it.

It is the perfect combination for people who love AK, pure power.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (42)

Score: 8


Possibly the strangest weapon of all, a revolver with scope included and the ability to attach all kinds of accessories, including a silencer … Yes, an American cowboy-style revolver with a silencer, in Free Fire there is .

Leaving aside its appearance and its possibilities, is a versatile weapon, with good short-range damage and the ability to shoot at medium and long distances. It is a very good option if you find it at the beginning of the game.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (43)

Score: 7


A decent weapon to use early in the game, with a large magazine and rapid fire. It may save your life if you are still exposed and without other weapons.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (44)

Score 4


One of the most common in the field of play, it is quite accurate and has enough shots. It is probably the most modest weapon.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (45)

Score: 4

Best Free Fire weapons in melee

These are not the best weapons in Free Fire, but they are the funniest. They allow you to kill with style and a lot of adrenaline.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (46)

The only ones that are worth noting are: The katana and the machete, with exactly the same damage, and the frying pan that also serves as protection.

List of free fire melee weapons:

Weapon Damage Range Precision Rate of fire Ammo Reload speed Availability
Katana 66 5 10 32 Loot
Skillet 62 5 10 35 Loot
Machete 66 5 10 32 Loot
Bat 63 </ td> 5 10 33 Loot

Best accessories for Free Fire

Depending on their level the accessories are better or worse, not all weapons allow all accessories. For example, some can only be fitted with an enlarged magazine, or a silencer, while others can be completely customized.

The most effective and indispensable accessories that work equally well for all weapons are the magazine, the shaft and the scope.

List of accessories for Free fire:

  • Mouth : Increase the range of the bullets.
  • Astil : It will decrease the recoil, stabilize the weapon.
  • Magazine : The number of rounds per magazine will increase.
  • Optical sight : Facilitates aiming.
  • Silencer : Almost completely eliminates the noise of shots.
  • Bipod : Reduces recoil and greatly improves accuracy when lying down.
  • Butt : You can move the gun faster when shooting.

Top 7, best Free Fire weapons

Now, after having analyzed all the types of weapons separately, we can tell you which are the most lethal weapons that can be obtained in the game.

These are the Best Free Fire Weapons (47)

  1. Gatling, The best weapon in the whole game.

  2. Groza, The best assault rifle.

  3. CG15, The best Free Fire sniper.

  4. MGL140, Destructive like few others.

  5. M1887, Free Fire’s best shotgun.

  6. M82B, Free Fire’s best sniper rifle.

  7. M14, the assault rifle that does the most damage.

  8. AK, Everyone’s nightmare if you learn to handle it.

You already have all the data to go for the best Free Fire weapons. Remember to always keep the most powerful version of the weapon with which you play the best. For example: If you were always playing with the SKS now always try to keep the M82B , which is an improved version.

If you need a guide to learn how to better use the best free fire weapons, let us know.


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