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Have you ever heard someone order their drinks at Starbucks double-blended?

Or maybe you're just curious about what double-blended means on the Starbucks menu?

Well, you’re in luck because I’m going to explain what double blending means and how you can order one on your next trip to this coffee chain, along with the best double blended Starbucks drinks.

So, are you ready to experience a new level of creaminess? Let’s find out what double-blending means!

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What Exactly Is A Double Blended Beverage At Starbucks?

In short, double blended means the drink is blended twice. Obviously, right? Well, it's a bit more detailed than that.

I am a huge fan of double blended Starbucks drinks. I just love anything blended, especially during hot summer days.

So what does double blended mean at Starbucks? Okay, let's start with blended drinks first.

At Starbucks, Blended means that all ingredients of the drinks are mixed together to achieve proper consistency.

Blending drinks results in a milkshake-like texture, just like the consistency of Starbucks Frappuccinos.

Cold drinks are the only ones that can be blended, as you need the ice to create a creamy texture.

As its name implies, blended drinks require blenders. Starbucks blenders are set up so that all the ingredients of a beverage are combined thoroughly to achieve the proper consistency.

This gives the blended beverages a nice texture. I'm sure you're familiar with the consistency of Frappuccinos, but what if you want a creamier texture than those drinks?

Enter double blending. If you want your frozen beverage to be extra smooth, double blending is the answer.

This simply means that the delicious frozen beverage, like your favorite Starbucks Frappuccino, will be blended twice in the blender.

Some may say double blending means adding two pumps of coffee syrup, like caramel or peppermint syrup, blended with milk and ice, but this isn't what double blended means at Starbucks.

Double-blended drinks are creamier and easier to drink through a straw. It breaks down all those annoying chunks into smaller pieces, which makes your favorite drinks smoother.

In just a sip, you’ll notice its difference from the normal blended drinks.

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Best Double Blended Drink Options At Starbucks

Are you looking for double blended Starbucks refreshers to try?

Look no further, because I have listed all of my favorite double-blended coffee and non-coffee drinks below.

I’m pretty sure you’ll love all of them.

Creme Frappuccino’s

The cream base is responsible for that extra smooth texture of double blended drinks. That’s why Creme Frappuccinos are one of the best drinks to double blend.

This variety of Frappuccino is so flavorful, thanks to its sweet cream and heavy cream.

One of the crowd favorites is the Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino double-blended.

It’s the perfect combination of sweet, salty, and crunchy, and double-blending makes it creamier.

However, there’s one problem with double blending. When you double-blend a Creme Frappuccino, some of its ingredients separate from the whole mixture.

I suggest you ask for less ice when ordering a double-blended Frappuccino. It will lessen the separation of the milk and other ingredients.

Iced Coffee or Tea

Do you know that you can also ask the Barista at Starbucks to double blend your favorite iced coffee, tea, and any espresso-based drink? Yes, you've read that right.

You can order double blended iced regular drinks, even if it's not a Frappuccino. Blending your favorite drink can transform it into a delicious frozen treat you'll enjoy.

However, double blended regular drinks separate fast compared to Frappuccinos.

They often don’t contain the ingredients that hold the drink together, so I suggest you finish them right away.

Barista HQ tip: Ask for whipped cream on top of your double blended iced coffee and tea. This will level up your drink even more! I also love adding a chocolate and caramel drizzle on top for added flavors.

Java Chip Frappuccino

One of the most popular double blended coffee drinks is the Java Chip Frappuccino. Why is that? Simple. Double blending this Frappe gives it a smoother and creamier texture.

It breaks down the chocolate chips into smaller pieces, making them easier to drink through a straw.

With the double blended version, you can consume all the java chips in your drink. No more big chunks hanging out at the bottom of your cup.


If you’re looking for tropical and fruity flavors, refreshers are the ones you need.[1] Popular flavors or refreshers include Strawberry Acai and Dragon Drink.

When you double blend refreshers, they transform into this creamy and sweet frozen drink, especially the drink recipe that calls for coconut milk.

Just don’t ask for more ice, as it may mess up the consistency of the drink.

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How To Order A Double Blended Starbucks Drink

Fancy a double-blended drink? Here’s how you can order a double blended drink of your choice:

In Store

Ordering a double-blended drink in-store is pretty simple. All you have to do is tell the baristas that you want your drink double blended.

So, the formula I usually use is "order + customization + special request." For example, you can say, "one caramel Frappuccino with two pumps of vanilla syrup, double blended.

However, this process is typically longer than the normal preparation of blended drinks and requires the use of a blender.

While it's rare to see only one blender in a Starbucks store, you don't want to take up that space, especially when it's rush hour or when there are a lot of customers in the store.

Special requests, like double blending, take a lot of time. This means that the barista will take longer to finish your order.

So, if you order this drink when the line is long, you might hold up the line for other Starbucks customers.

I'm pretty sure you have an idea how it can be frustrating to wait in line and wait for your order, so only get a double blended drink when the baristas aren't busy.

On The Starbucks App

Unfortunately, there's still no double blending option on the Starbucks app, except for those drinks that are offered double blended.

If you want to have a double-blended iced coffee, it's not possible to do it through the app. It's best to tell the barista what you want.

Tips To Make Your Double-Blended Drinks Extra Smooth

If you want your Frappuccino or other drinks extra smooth and double blending doesn’t give you the results you want, here are some things you can do:

  • Add protein powder: The added protein powder can make your drink creamier and healthier.
  • Add more whipped cream: If you mixed in more whipped cream, you'd get a decadent, velvety smooth drink.
  • Less ice: If you want your favorite drink blended, make sure to ask for less ice to make it rich and luscious.
  • Don’t double-blend hot drinks: This tip is pretty straightforward.
  • Ask for whole milk: The added protein from the whole milk results in a velvety texture.
  • More syrup: While this tip won't make your drink smoother, this works for people who aren't a fan of the strong coffee flavor in some espresso-based Frappe. This blended beverage uses a special type of coffee called Frappuccino roast, which is stronger and richer in flavor. This allows the coffee taste to still be present even when blended with other ingredients. If you don't like the taste of coffee, adding at least two pumps of your preferred syrup can do the trick.

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Related Starbucks Double Blended Drink Questions

What is the healthiest Double Blended drink at Starbucks?

Unfortunately, double blended drinks aren't considered healthy because they contain high amounts of sugar and calories. The only way to make these drinks healthy(er) is through customization.[2]

Is blended and Frappe the same?

At Starbucks, they are the same. Frappes are blended ice drinks.

What are good substitutes to double blended drinks?

Some good substitutes for double blended drinks are Frappuccino with additional protein powder for creaminess or any Frappuccino blended with less ice and extra whipped cream.

What is the strongest double blended Starbucks drink?

Double-blended cold brew is the strongest double blended drink at Starbucks.

Conclusion - Try A Double Blended Drink!

Now that you know what double blended means, you can order one on your next Starbucks trip! You can double blend almost any cold drink or Frappuccino on the menu.

You can even create your own recipe if you want something healthier.


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